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The Definitive Guide to Rowing Seat Racing eBook


Selecting crews is hard and seat racing is one method used for choosing the fastest combination of athletes.

There are a lot of different ways to run seat racing – make sure your method is accurate and verifiable by reading this book.  It’s a compilation of articles previously published on the web by a range of coaches, athletes and coxswains.  We give you many viewpoints so you can make up your mind about how to run seat racing (or not).

Authors include:

  • FISA coaching manual – Crew Selection by Kris Korzeniowski
  • How to: Win a seat race By Coach Jay
  • Rules of Engagement for Seat Racing by Ted Nash
  • Rowing 101: Seat Racing by Mount Baker Junior Crew Coach
  • Rowing Seat Racing – Why Rowers Need To Be Vigilant By Brandy Mulligan
  • Stop Seat Racing – The Future of Crew Selection By Frank Biller
  • Coxing Seat Races Fairly by Rob Colburn
  • Seat Racing Coxswains By Marcus McElhenney
  • Seat Racing and Crew Selection by Valery Kleshnev
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