Coxmate PC analysis software

Coaching the Recovery using Data

By Rebecca Caroe

We got a customer asking about how to use rowing data in order to improve the coaching of the recovery for a crew. “I think the important factor is making the recovery as smooth as possible so we don’t lose too much boat speed in the 8+. We have spent a lot time optimising the […]

Ankle flexibility rowing

Improve ankle flexibility for rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

If you find compressing into the catch in sculling or rowing is a challenge – particularly if you are the steersman (toe) of a coxless boat, you need to have the ability to improve your ankle flexibility.  Here’s how, thanks to our good friends at Rowfficient. First test your ankle flexibility Stand 4 inches off […]

Kittens die if you rush the slide.

7 rowing exercises to prevent rushing the slide

By Rebecca Caroe

What land exercises can I do to improve slide control, so that I have more control going to the catch position? Great question – and fantastic that you what to self-tutor on this.  Getting into the habit of working out how to make these changes yourself is a really great skill. Several solutions for you […]

Coaching ratio in rowing.

Coaching a long stroke in rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Here’s how Grant Craies taught a crew a longer rowing stroke. The crew comprised two novices and a 1-year rower with the coach in bow.  While warming up, he noticed that the stroke (who was also steering) lost a lot of length every time they steered the boat. Question – how to teach the crew […]

Rowing Balance in a quadruple scull

Drills for balance in crew sculling

By Rebecca Caroe

Following from our article about what affects balance in crew sculling, here are some drills which you can practice to help improve your balance. What causes bad balance in rowing? Balance in rowing is created by two things: your body and the oars or sculls. So if your boat is off-balance, first thing to check is […]


By Jeremy Peskey

On April 17th at 11:30am PDT (7:30pm GMT), Joe Deleo, Blake Gourley, and Will Ruth return to the RowingChat Network for another discussion on strength training and rowing. Sign up for the event here with Eventbrite to receive a reminder about the event as well as a post-event recap with links and timestamps. This will also be […]

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: Rib Stress Fracture

By StrengthCoachWill

This article is Part 2 of the Rowing Injury Prevention Series, brought to you by Rowperfect UK. In Part 1, Blake Gourley wrote about general injury prevention tips. Next, Joe Deleo will discuss low back pain before Will returns to break down Snapping Hip Syndrome. These articles will take us right up to February 14th when the three […]