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What causes skying at the catch?

Perfect catch backsplash rowing,

What are the most probable rigging / sequencing causes of recovering with blades too high off the water / dipping the hands at the catch and skying the blade? So first things first – if someone is rigged too high, they may have difficulty putting the blades fully under the water at the catch. Check […]

The rowing stroke catch – a millisecond

The catch is one of the most important parts of the rowing stroke and it’s over in a fraction of time. It probably takes between 0.3-04 second for the catch to be executed. And during that timeframe, the athlete has to steady themselves into the front, have the blade square, turn their core on, put […]

More tips on improving the recovery

Sculling technique the recovery.

One of our most popular posts is about how to improve the recovery.   A reader asked this great supplementary question: How do jelly legs if the same muscles need to move you up the slide to the catch? When the boat already has momentum from your previous power stroke, you will find that you can […]

Improving the recovery

sculling stroke recovery

I row in a quad scull and we did an interesting outing this week which I want to share. If you coach yourselves or if you are a coach and want to use this pattern of learning for your own crews. Before you start teaching rowing drills You will need to read this article about […]

New Masters Rowing advice series

We’re very excited to be publishing the Faster Masters products now in individual chapter form.  Having got feedback from our readers, we realise that some people would prefer to buy what they need NOW rather than a full Faster Masters membership programme. And so today we’re releasing each episode from Faster Masters Gold membership individually. […]

Racing Starts for rowing

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World Rowing Masters regatta is coming up, and I guess most of what can be done of preparation is done by now. However I cannot help but thinking about the start, and how to improve it. If not for anything else, so for next year’s regatta season. I stroke a Masters G and H 8+. I am […]

Coaching the Recovery using Data

Coxmate PC analysis software

We got a customer asking about how to use rowing data in order to improve the coaching of the recovery for a crew. “I think the important factor is making the recovery as smooth as possible so we don’t lose too much boat speed in the 8+. We have spent a lot time optimising the […]

Improve ankle flexibility for rowing

Ankle flexibility rowing

If you find compressing into the catch in sculling or rowing is a challenge – particularly if you are the steersman (toe) of a coxless boat, you need to have the ability to improve your ankle flexibility.  Here’s how, thanks to our good friends at Rowfficient. First test your ankle flexibility Stand 4 inches off […]

7 rowing exercises to prevent rushing the slide

Kittens die if you rush the slide.

What land exercises can I do to improve slide control, so that I have more control going to the catch position? Great question – and fantastic that you what to self-tutor on this.  Getting into the habit of working out how to make these changes yourself is a really great skill. Several solutions for you […]

How to stop digging deep with my oars

Mahe Drysdale sculling

While sculling I’m having difficulty with “digging” too deep with my oars; what drills or technique can I focus on to correct this? Thank you for your awesome site! What a great question and firstly let me reassure you, you’re not alone. Digging deep is not in itself a big problem in rowing or sculling. […]