Check List for Rowing Clubs maintenance

When is the right time to rotate out ergs?

By Rebecca Caroe

As my club grows, we’re setting up goals for how long we hold onto equipment. For example, we’ve set the goal to keep our hulls for 10 years and then cycle them out. So the question is…how long would that be for an erg? 10 years? 15 years? Until a rower dies on it? Thanks! […]

Yale Crew Cap Prize

Hi can you give us a rowing raffle prize?

By Rebecca Caroe

I am the Head Coach at XXXX Rowing Club. The junior squad here is growing rapidly, and to help us with the development and keep them inspired we are holding a fundraiser in December to raise some funds to equip the squads so we can reach our goals of being an outstanding platform for young rowers […]

Rowing Club Sponsorship 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect has been supporting rowing clubs for years with our Sponsored Clubs programme.   This is your chance to get your club onto the list – read on… What is the Rowing Club Sponsorship Programme? Rowing clubs need education for coaches and athletes.  You also buy equipment, run regattas and teach rowing and sculling.  Rowperfect […]

oar hanging rack, rowing oar, space saver racks,

Safe ways to rack oars

By Rebecca Caroe

I am particularly interested in a boat racking system and oar storage. You seem to be in a similar situation to Pine Crest School in Florida, whose new Rowing Master David Fisher was tasked with starting a rowing program from nothing in mid-2014.   Using Space Saver Rowing Systems products helped him to be up and running a complete […]

Boat Building for Rowing Filippi

Selecting a new boat for your rowing club

By Rebecca Caroe

I have been privy to a Facebook chat where the initiator asks this question “Rowers, got any views on buying new boats. Budget is key and interested on views. Think Wintech v Janousek.” While not keen to start a public discussion on the benefits of any one boat maker compared to any other, this is a […]