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Boathouse Redevelopment

By Rebecca Caroe

Getting better space usage in your existing rowing boat house is a great way to “grow” a rowing club.  Increasing club membership is certainly a good thing, however a lack of resources can put pressure on your club to accommodate additional people and equipment within a modest budget. Space Saver Rowing Systems are the Experts in Boathouse Planning […]

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New product: NK CoxBox microphone

By Rebecca Caroe

We’ve just released a NK-compatible microphone suitable for a NK CoxBox or CoxBox Mini. Made by Coxmate it includes a headband as standard. And an extra – a foam covering over the microphone end-piece.  This acts like a sock to reduce wind noise while in use.  Neat! Replacement microphone for NK CoxBox or CoxBoxMini fully […]

Royal Chester rowing juniors

Solution to British Rowing club decline

By Rebecca Caroe

Following the discussion initiated by Rowperfect about British Club rowing is dying – can we stop the rot? We got a number of strong responses from clubs who echoed the problems and some who offered solutions.  one is Royal Chester RC and their captain Michal  V Palamarczuk gave us this exclusive interview. If you enjoy your […]

Swim tests for adaptive rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

Do you require swim tests for adaptive rowers. If so would people be willing to share their criteria I will defer to Tara Morgan who coaches at Seize the Oar in Seattle to answer. https://www.rowperfect.co.uk/para-rowing-adaptive-rowing-coaching-resources/ Tara writes: Here’s our policy on Swim Tests: Athletes are always first treated as every other rower in our boathouse […]

Learn to row camp: Photo Credit Long Beach Rowing

Kids Rowing Camps for Summer

By Rebecca Caroe

What are the best Summer Rowing camps for 14 year olds worldwide? My daughter has 1 solid year rowing and top 10 provincial Erg scores. Some days the Rowperfect mailbag comes in with the BEST questions.  I particularly like new challenges where we have not previously written on the topic.  Aimee’s question was one of […]

British Rowing Clubs – attitude not action

By Rebecca Caroe

We have had a range of responses from club leaders around the country – reporting a range of diverse local situations which have an impact on the changing headcount of club active rowers. The orginal articles here and here. From the North West I can draw a similarity to what could be a problem. As you […]

More discussion on the Death of Club Rowing Worldwide

By Rebecca Caroe

Clearly the debate on our article by Richard Philips about the Death of Club Rowing in UK resonates around the world. From Australia we got this response by Stuart Harrison from South Australia. Interesting article from Richard. We have a similar problem here. A group of ‘chosen’ beginner non rowers who have the best boats, […]