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Financial Impact on Rowing Organisations

World Rowing:  “challenging” financial situation” FISA World Rowing Treasurer Gerritjan Eggenkamp, has reported lately, that the financial situation of their organisation has becoming  “more and more challenging”. Operational loss showed of CHF345,270 (£289,384/ $380,406/  €321,430) in 2019. Total income weighed in at CHF7.86 million (£6.58 million/$8.65 million/€7.31 million), against expenditure of CHF8.2 million (£6.8 million/$9.03 […]

How to Christen Your Boat!

When did you last participate in a boat christening ceremony? I participated last weekend at a club nearby. The ceremony was embedded in a summer party with 52 persons. Place and audience were just small enough to maintain all social distancing rules. As always, this kind of ceremony is a fun way to welcome a […]

The Power of Self-Talk in Rowing

What is self-talk or positive affirmation? Here is a question relating to the power of self-talk to you: “How many words do you speak to yourself during the day?” Answer: It is between 25.000 and 40.000. Next: “How many words in self talk do you speak to yourselves while being on the water?”: Answer: “I […]

My Social Distancing Rowing Experience

COVID-19 generated many ideas how to comply with the social distancing measures. Here just two example. A disappointed ladies crew and a US Club trying to overcome the COVID-19 hurdles. Rowing While Maintaining Social Distance Maintaing social distance – it could work. Well, She came back to reality at the club house. The eight was […]

How to Choose a Rowing Club

I have been coaching a young athlete who has ambitions to row at the Olympics – one of the things we discussed was how to choose the right rowing club for her. Setbacks and Red Herrings First, I was very frustrated by being asked for advice (which club to join) only to find that many […]

Charity Indoor Rowing – Virtual Erg Race

Indoor rowing games

Rowperfect is proud to support the charity indoor rowing, a virtual indoor regatta: ERG Electronic Rowing Games. According to the organizers it will be probably the biggest indoor race this year worldwide. The regatta takes place June 13th – 21st 2020. Unlike all other major international regattas, racing at ERG is done virtually with competitors […]

ERG – Indoor Regatta

How many indoor regatta offers have you noticed in the last few weeks? With an erg indoor regatta we could show how hard you have been training. Many private organisations tried to organize an event. The erg manufacturer and the national associations did it. Even FISA World Rowing had a challenge. What is the motivation […]

Coaching a Crew – Seven Bricks of Wisdom

The 7 Bricks of Rowing Coaching Wisdom

A guest post by Bob Greatorex: Little can be added to the extensive literature available on training technics and rowing coaching wisdom. So I will address areas less often discussed. Analogies are useful and I advise crews to break challenges down into component parts. I call it the ‘Brick Wall Analogy’. Lay one brick at […]

Warm Up in Rowing – Erg and Stretching Exercises

Most people don’t do it: Warm up in rowing, especially on an indoor rower. But most Rowperfect coaches recommend a sufficient warm up before starting your exercise. Athletes and beginners should slightly warm up especially before doing a 2k or 6 k race. A flexibility exercises should be done after a good warm-up or at the end of […]

3 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Hull

rowing slow book,

Here’s a great question from one of my readers. She asked about steps to keep her rowing shell hull sparkling clean: We have a 1 year old Vespoli light 8, painted white. It’s shell was pristine until our last race, when the boats were parked on the trailer underneath an oak tree. It rained heavily […]