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Regatta commentary, regattas really glisten when it’s fun to listen

Commentators can turn a good race into a ‘cracker‘. It’s so important to be prepared, have some background knowledge and good insights. That’s one aim of FISA’s international regatta commentary team.  Paul Castle* is one of the team and maybe the most prominent. His skilled and multilingual regatta commentary is known from Olympic and World Championships.  […]

Using a Container for Rowing Boats

Rowing boat storage Shipping Container

Can you help the Prairie Fire Rowing club with some research? They want to know if anyone is using shipping containers for boat storage! Shipping Containers for Rowing Boats What are the advantages or disadvantages. Help Canadian club Prairie Fire make choices for boat storage. Our club in Canada needs to find some new boat […]

Vivo life jacket for rowing

capsize rowing boat, vivo life jacket

We have got a new product in store – a classic life jacket suitable for coxswains and coaches to use for rowing called Vivo Life Jacket. The Vivo Life Jacket is designed with robust tapes around your back and waist and the jacket is enclosed on the front in a halter design with an air […]

Recruiting new members by Howard Aitken

new recruits for the survival of rowing clubs

The key requirement for growing membership is to actively recruit new members faster than you lose existing members, while maximising retention.  Junior squad recruitment must be focussed on the lower end of the age range, while adult recruitment should be age-blind.  All beginners need to be managed in “cohorts” of similar experience for about 12 months […]

3 steps to a sparkling clean hull

rowing slow book,

Here’s a great question from one of my readers. She asked about how to keep her rowing shell hull sparkling clean: We have a 1 year old Vespoli light 8, painted white. It’s shell was pristine until our last race, when the boats were parked on the trailer underneath an oak tree. It rained heavily […]

Rowing and Single Use Plastics

Rio Beach with plastic rubbish

British Rowing has written a response to the Blue Planet documentary about extensive plastics use by rowers. As rowers, we use plastics in a variety of ways from the water bottle tucked into the back of our lycra, to the packs of pasta we hungrily consume after a long outing. Unfortunately, if not managed carefully, […]

Rowing Club Mission Statements

Austin Rowing Club mission

What makes a good mission statement for a rowing club?  Do clubs even need these? Rowperfect has done some research and found the following all shared by the Masters Rowing International Facebook Group. If you want to include a mission statement for your club – post it in the comments.  And do read to the […]

Second Hand Rowing Boat websites

buy rowing equipment, second hand rowing boat

I am writing from a newly launched rowing club in the middle of Southern Sweden. Rowing is not a big sport in Sweden with only a handful of clubs and a little over 3 000 registered rowers. This makes sourcing of hardware a bit of a dilemma. I have previously bought a couple of boats […]

I feel excluded in my rowing club

exclusion, ducks, one yellow duck, rowing club exclusion

I feel excluded. Do I quit my rowing club? Do not quit yet. But do some personal therapy right away. Take a sheet of paper and write down why you feel “excluded” and include what the behaviours are that you see from others that cause you to have the feeling of exclusion. Then date it […]

Data Protection and Rowing Clubs

If your club collects member’s personal information, you need to be aware of this. British Rowing event – should be very helpful. Recommend sharing with your friends. Data Protection and Club Members’ Data British Rowing’s official hosting solutions partner Pulsant, is hosting a special webinar on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) exclusively for British Rowing affiliated clubs […]