Duncan Holland: How I try to teach good rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

To coach a skill such as rowing you need a technical  model.  I have such a model which is a result of all my rowing and the things I’ve learned from all the fantastic rowers and coaches and coaches,.  I don’t pretend it’s anything new or different.  It’s  close to standard New Zealand rowing. This is […]

Change.org website petition against British Rowing

A petition against Rowing clubs who discriminate

By Rebecca Caroe

A wake-up call for club management Little attention has been given to a rower whose discrimination claim against London Rowing Club has turned to Change.org to push her case. If you are on the club organising committee, this illustrates the need to check your publicity website material and also to be sure you understand how […]

Does British Rowing care what members think?

By Rebecca Caroe

A guest article by Christopher George, Thames Regional Rowing Council member (2000-13), Water Safety Advisor (2004-6) and Served on ARA Board (2003-9). This is the fundamental question that members should be asking of their “organisation” (it has ceased to be an Association) as it goes through its second massive governance change in nearly as many […]

Reader’s views about the BR constitution changes

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect did a quick ‘straw poll’ of reader’s views about the British Rowing constitution changes most BR members don’t know whether Clubs and Events currently have a vote most BR members are members a) via the tax on club membership headcount and b) for a racing licence – otherwise would not join BR most BR […]

oar hanging rack, rowing oar, space saver racks,

Boathouse Redevelopment

By Rebecca Caroe

Getting better space usage in your existing rowing boat house is a great way to “grow” a rowing club.  Increasing club membership is certainly a good thing, however a lack of resources can put pressure on your club to accommodate additional people and equipment within a modest budget. Space Saver Rowing Systems are the Experts in Boathouse Planning […]

NK Cox Box, microphone, coxmate, nielsen kellerman,

New product: NK CoxBox microphone

By Rebecca Caroe

We’ve just released a NK-compatible microphone suitable for a NK CoxBox or CoxBox Mini. Made by Coxmate it includes a headband as standard. And an extra – a foam covering over the microphone end-piece.  This acts like a sock to reduce wind noise while in use.  Neat! Replacement microphone for NK CoxBox or CoxBoxMini fully […]