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Second Hand Rowing Boat websites

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I am writing from a newly launched rowing club in the middle of Southern Sweden. Rowing is not a big sport in Sweden with only a handful of clubs and a little over 3 000 registered rowers. This makes sourcing of hardware a bit of a dilemma. I have previously bought a couple of boats […]

Hyndsight Video Capture

Hyndsight Video Capture kit

Interested in video capture for rowing? Melissa Thompson the brains behind the Hyndsight Vision system wrote a comment on our blog. Hyndsight Vision Systems now has a recordable model called Capture? Up to 4 cameras can be strategically placed to record all at once while providing real time video stream. Both coach and rower can […]

How different is coastal rowing technique?

How Different, Exactly, is Coastal Rowing asks Ruth Marr from Rowing the World rowing vacations.   You are a flatwater rower intrigued by coastal rowing. What is this mountain biking of rowing? Swedish Olympic rower Lassi Karonen who rowed at the 2013 World Rowing Coastal Championships is quoted on the World Rowing website: “The similarity […]

Gelcoat repairs to rowing boat hull

Gel Coat Repair Kits for rowing boats

UPDATE 11 APRIL 2018 – The generous folks at East Coast Fibreglass Supplies have given all Rowperfect readers a discount of 5% off any online purchase during April 2018 – just use the coupon “rowperfect2018” when you check out.  Thanks guys! I noticed that a number of our boats have gel coat damage on the […]

Understanding Coxmate boat wiring configurations

Coxmate rowing amplification harness loom

Electronics for rowing boats are our specialism and today we are going to help you understand the different wiring configurations which are possible in rowing boats.  This focuses on fours and eights with coxswain.  Read the full product brochure for Coxmate wiring harness. Rowing boats that use amplification have several different ways to add speakers so […]

Bulkhead mounts for rowing boat speakers

Coxmate are cunning fellows – their latest innovation is to design a mounting method so you can embed a speaker directly into the boat’s bulkhead footwell.  This saves space and also ensures the speaker is always optimally angled for sound output. No more flimsy brackets that swivel and point your speaker down to the bottom […]

Rowing Seat Pad helps back pain on ergo

Rowing seat pad, ProW, sore leg rowing, hamstring pain rowing,

Stuart Harrison has done a comprehensive review of the ProW Rowing seat pad. I came across the Citius-Remex ProW seat pads on the internet and went ‘holly cr*p batman’, with postage they are not cheap, brilliant idea though. Then there are two of them, which one is for me? The high seat pad is for […]

Sims Evolution Boat Bag going CHEEP!!

Burnham Boat , 1x single boat bag

We have a Sims Evolution padded single scull boat bag to sell. It is stern-mounted wing rigger design in navy blue with red ends for the 60-75 Kg Lightweight hull.  It is full sunbrella UV resistant fabric, lined with padded fabric (like a duvet for your boat). Make us an offer if you’d like to buy.  […]

Comparison Coxmate GPS and Rowing In Motion

Coxmate GPS compare

We got a question from a reader about comparisons between rowing speed measurement tools RIM vs Coxmate. Which would you recommend and how do they compare? Rowing in Motion versus Coxmate GPS RiM is an app which comes in two versions: for solo athletes or for teams.  It records and monitors basic data such as […]