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Sims Evolution Boat Bag going CHEEP!!

Burnham Boat , 1x single boat bag

We have a Sims Evolution padded single scull boat bag to sell. It is stern-mounted wing rigger design in navy blue with red ends for the 60-75 Kg Lightweight hull.  It is full sunbrella UV resistant fabric, lined with padded fabric (like a duvet for your boat). Make us an offer if you’d like to buy.  […]

Comparison Coxmate GPS and Rowing In Motion

Coxmate GPS compare

We got a question from a reader about comparisons between rowing speed measurement tools RIM vs Coxmate. Which would you recommend and how do they compare? Rowing in Motion versus Coxmate GPS RiM is an app which comes in two versions: for solo athletes or for teams.  It records and monitors basic data such as […]

The best value Coxing Combo

Coxmate Audio and GPS bundle

Special offer until Sunday – Coxmate Audio plus GPS unit. with 10% off the price using coupon code “coxmate10” – that’s £55 incl VAT saving. Get the best of both worlds – an audio amplifier that’s compact and easy to use PLUS the popular GPS unit for rating, boat speed, distance per stroke and also […]

UK testers needed for new rowing oar design

rowing oar, engineer oar,

It’s always exciting to see new products for rowing and sculling come to market.  But it’s rare for us to get involved in early user testing at the prototype stage of a new rowing oar design. We were delighted that the team at Oscar Propulsion got in touch to ask the Rowperfect community to help […]

Coxmate Audio review from Sudbury RC

coxmate audio amplification for rowing

And here’s a review from Sudbury Rowing Club who tried the Coxmate Audio amplifier. The audio only version obviously does not have a rate meter, but we were doing a UT2 outing with 2 1500m pieces at 28 so my stroke-man had the GPS unit for that outing and I then used it in the […]

Athletes’ top equipment – ROWTEX Rowing Gloves

Rowtex rowing gloves

A faster and better performance on the water can be achieved firstly and most importantly by continuous training. Optimal equipment can be very decisive during hours of hard work out. As former elite rowers in the Austrian Rowing Team, Martin and Tobias from ROWTEX, had to row thousands of kilometers each year to make it […]

Winter Gloves discount till 31 Oct 2017

Rowtex Pro specifications

The range of winter rowing gloves are discounted until the end of October 2017. Save £4 off your purchase price per pair.  Click on each photo below to read the specification and styling for each design. Rowtex Elite is the top of the range glove for competitive athletes.  Designed for maximal feeling in the hand on […]

What shoes to wear before rowing

A question from the Masters Rowing International group Old running shoes seemed to be ok for moving along a wet dock until last week when they were not any more and I got a very up-close look at what is in the Genesee River!  I would like to avoid a repeat performance and I am […]

Burnham Rowing Boat Bag zipper repair

The zip from the bow section of my 3 and a half year old rowing boat bag has broken and I’d like to know if there is any fix you recommend.  The slider knits the first 4 or 5 cm. from the bowball and then fails to unite the teeth even if I exert a […]

Rowing physiotherapists are essential

Following up on our post about rowing seat pad stops hamstring pain, we had expert comments from Rowing Expert Physiotherapist, Greg Spooner. I’m a US-based physiotherapist in San Diego, California (, and I’ve had this very discussion many times with my client pool of rowing athletes who come to me from all over the USA […]