Winter Rowing Gloves user test results

By Rebecca Caroe

Three new winter glove designs for rowers From our recent promotion we got testers from around the Rowperfect community to test out three new winter glove designs.  The products are below The Pro is the cheapest a straightforward thermal glove for rowing. The Elite incorporates thinner fabrics and has better breathability and blister prevention The […]

Tennis ball sliced for boat tie

RowingHack: Resistance training

By Rebecca Caroe

Loading up your work is a great way to gain strength and skill in a rowing boat.  Having a bungee or rope under the hull gives an easy way to create extra loading on the athletes.  This can be used for all ages of rower and all expertise levels. The resistance slows down the boat […]

Rowtex rowing gloves

Winter Rowing Gloves – testers wanted

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowtex gloves have given Rowperfect several pairs of their newly developed thermal warm gloves for rowing and sculling to test out. If you would like to try a pair please email your size small, medium, large, x-large to [email protected] and your postal address and agree to test them for a fortnight and write a review. […]

J16 girls eight rigging rowing shell

How to rig a J16 girls rowing eight

By Rebecca Caroe

Just wondering if you have any advice for setting up a J16 junior girls 8+ rigging and oar length? I would say 4 of them are lightweight size and 4 heavyweight? Thanks Thanks for your question – we have a quick answer and a longer one. The quick answer is to copy what a known […]

Car rowing Oar roof rack carrier

Product tester wanted for car oar carrier

By Rebecca Caroe

We have been offered a prototype new product and want our UK readers to test it out. The Car Roof Rack Oar carrier is designed to bolt onto a standard roof rack and has clamps for you to load your sculling or rowing oars. Paul Doleman (who runs the Rowperfect shop and talks to you on […]