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Strapping tape for rowing injury

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Want to do your own injury management? Announcing Kinesiology Tape for Rowing injuries. Being able to strap up your own body to give support while you recover from an injury seems like a no-brainer.  So why hasn’t it been done? I suspect it’s mainly that we aren’t sure how to use the tape – luckily […]

Where to buy a single scull boat?

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I’m looking for a 85/95Kg 1 x racing shell – where can I get one? Rowperfect doesn’t sell boats, but we have written a couple of articles which may help you when searching for a second hand boat Resources for buying Rowing Boats Advice buying second and sculling oars  (also applies to buying boats).  Lists websites […]

Choosing a single scull for masters rower

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I’m looking to buy a single scull for myself, are you able to advise? I’m an intermediate masters rower, with about 6 years experience in rowing. I row in pretty harsh conditions, tidal salt water with high chances of grounding at times and will be stored outside in a cover. I compete occasionally, and am […]

3 steps to a sparkling clean hull

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Here’s a great question from one of my readers. She asked about how to keep her rowing shell hull sparkling clean: We have a 1 year old Vespoli light 8, painted white. It’s shell was pristine until our last race, when the boats were parked on the trailer underneath an oak tree. It rained heavily […]

New Wave Partnership launch announcement

Rowperfect UK is delighted to announce a new partnership with New Wave Sportswear.  As a long-time German national team kit supplier, New Wave was founded by  Horst Borchert in 1992 and has been a major force in German rowing since that time. Ongoing research for great materials and excellent quality standards have made New Wave a […]

I want a cheap rearview video for my single

A reader writes…. I recently fitted my phone (Samsung S4) to the footplate in my single, with a USB webcam connected via an OTG (On the go) cable mounted on the bows. The intention was to eliminate the requirement to look round, as I don’t find that as easy as I used to.  (I know […]

Rowing Anorak review

Angus Groom tests the rowing anorak

Angus Groom reviewed the new Rowing Anorak and here is his feedback: First of all, I thought it was generally excellent- there are a lot of different types splash jackets out there and some work and some don’t. At first glance, it looked like it’s going to be quite thick and heavy but I was […]

G-Clip Rowing shoe system

G Clip rowing shoes in rowing boat

The G-CLIP rowing shoe system has been in development for two years working toward a competitive, affordable and form-fitting shoe cleat system for the rowing world.   We have trialed in many clubs and have worked with two kinesiology professors in determining the competitive advantage to a quicker heel engagement with the foot board, which […]

Announcing the WiggleFish Rowing Dry Bag

When we go rowing, we sometimes get wet.  It seems it’s time for a really good rowing dry bag – and we’ve found one for you which was developed for swimming in fast flowing rivers. The WiggleFish was designed by a swimmer This products are used by River Rhine swimmers who get into the river […]