Rowtex Pro specifications

Winter Gloves discount till 31 Oct 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

The range of winter rowing gloves are discounted until the end of October 2017. Save £4 off your purchase price per pair.  Click on each photo below to read the specification and styling for each design. Rowtex Elite is the top of the range glove for competitive athletes.  Designed for maximal feeling in the hand on […]

Rowing physiotherapists are essential

By Rebecca Caroe

Following up on our post about rowing seat pad stops hamstring pain, we had expert comments from Rowing Expert Physiotherapist, Greg Spooner. I’m a US-based physiotherapist in San Diego, California (, and I’ve had this very discussion many times with my client pool of rowing athletes who come to me from all over the USA […]

NK Cox Box, microphone, coxmate, nielsen kellerman,

New product: NK CoxBox microphone

By Rebecca Caroe

We’ve just released a NK-compatible microphone suitable for a NK CoxBox or CoxBox Mini. Made by Coxmate it includes a headband as standard. And an extra – a foam covering over the microphone end-piece.  This acts like a sock to reduce wind noise while in use.  Neat! Replacement microphone for NK CoxBox or CoxBoxMini fully […]

Resolute Adaptive rowing boat

FISA adaptive boat rules discriminate

By Rebecca Caroe

Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells & Resolute Adaptive writes As you know, for the past 5 years, I have been advocating that the FISA adaptive boat rules are discriminatory, harmful in growing the sport and damaging to individuals. [They only allow one boat design / manufacturer in FISA events.] FISA did accept […]