Rowing back injury mobility stretches

By Rebecca Caroe

We published the ebook Managing and Avoiding Back Injury earlier in the month and have updated it with three additional T-Spine Mobility stretches kindly supplied by Blake Gourlay. If you have already purchased the book – go into your Rowperfect Shop account and you can download it again – you’ll find page 17 includes these […]

Masters rowers – want to get faster?

By Rebecca Caroe

Announcing Faster Masters the Rowing Coaching membership service for masters rowers and scullers developed with expert coach Marlene Royle.. It is called Faster Masters and will launch to the public on 1 October 2016. What is Faster Masters? The programme is 7 “lessons” each comprising a video and transcript plus some additional guides written as pdf ebooks. […]

New book – Marlene Royle’s ‘Tip of the Blade’

By Rebecca Caroe

Announcing a new addition to our shop in the ebooks section, Marlene Royle’s Tip of the Blade.  Over 300 pages of expert advice, detailed technique and insights into self-improvement for athletes and coaches of our sport. Marlene was a guest on RowingChat when she focused on Masters Rowing.  The chapter titles showcase the depth of […]

Coaching ratio in rowing.

Coaching a long stroke in rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Here’s how Grant Craies taught a crew a longer rowing stroke. The crew comprised two novices and a 1-year rower with the coach in bow.  While warming up, he noticed that the stroke (who was also steering) lost a lot of length every time they steered the boat. Question – how to teach the crew […]

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters rowperfect

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters

By Laura Hollar

The Most Horrific Ways to Get Rowing Blisters Nobody escapes blisters. They are the bane of our existence, as rowers. But we row hard and proudly wear our callouses earned from sustaining blister after blister. We bleed through the pain, bandage the damage, and go on because there IS no other way! 1. When you’re a beginner. […]

Rowing Technique: Sweep inside arm

By Duncan Holland

Analysis of two womens pair crews technique by Duncan Holland.  Photo credits Rowing Celebration Obvious point is that the stroke girls have very different shoulder positions. Lower crew image the stroke has her shoulders tilted away from the rigger, inside high, outside low. Top crew the stroke has her shoulders slightly tilted towards the rigger, inside low, […]

Training for J12 youngsters new to rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Where to start putting together training sessions for J13s & J12s new to rowing? You have a great task ahead of you for your new athletes.  If you can get them encouraged, they will stick with Rowing into the future.  I coached 10 – 14 year olds for 5 years and so have experience in […]

Rowing Injury Prevention Series: Rib Stress Fracture

By StrengthCoachWill

This article is Part 2 of the Rowing Injury Prevention Series, brought to you by Rowperfect UK. In Part 1, Blake Gourley wrote about general injury prevention tips. Next, Joe Deleo will discuss low back pain before Will returns to break down Snapping Hip Syndrome. These articles will take us right up to February 14th when the three […]