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How to Identify your Optimal Mental State

The few minutes from when a crew hears the gun till the end of the race often seem to be the toughest. What can you do to ensure your preparation has been perfect? You should have completed extensive physical training to prepare for the race, but how well was your mental aspect of the preparation […]

Be Prepared and the Best Cox Possible – A Coach’s Perspective

Well, the head races are on and the cox in these boat finds himself in challenging positions: Motivating the team. And coxing the crew for more than 25 minutes. Important enough to remind you on a few things  The Basics in Coxing: When in doubt, WEIGH ENOUGH, RUDER HALT, EASY OAR!!! I can’t stress the importance of this. If […]

How to get leg power as a novice

Junior girls sculling a double - doing drills

Really helpful article to read on Grip. I’m a beginner and struggling to feel the connection at the start of the drive with my legs, meaning my arms do all the work rather than my legs. This leaves me exhausted after 30 minutes or so. I also find I struggle to tap down at the […]

The Ultimate guide to teaching the rowing stroke

We published a series of blog posts about the stroke cycle to help you explain why we row like this and how to find out for yourself the most efficient methods of moving your body to drive a boat forward. Summary of the full stroke cycle article series. Stroke Cycle Refresher course summary Grip in […]

It’s Head Racing Season!

Pairs Head Rowing Racing on Tideway London

Head racing requires totally different tactics from side by side.  Mostly because the clock is a different motivator than another crew alongside you.  But that’s not the only difference. 5 Reasons Head Racing is the BEST It tests your personal motivation and drive – like no other. Steering is critical to success – it can […]

Rowing stroke rates rise at the Worlds

biorow, biomechanics rowing, Valery Kleshnev

The first World Championship of the new Olympic cycle 2017 was in Sarasota, USA. Moderate weather conditions allowed results close to the long-term trend (Fig.1): the average speed of the winning crews was 13th fastest over the past 25 years. The general trend shows a slow growth of the winners’ speed at 0.37% per year. […]

The grip in rowing technique

rowing sweep grip,

Grip is the way we hold the handles of the oar as we row. The oar is the lever we use to move the boat; the grip connects us to the oar and thus to the water. The better our grip, the better our control of the oar and the better we transfer our power. […]

The recovery in rowing technique

rowing technique, sweep technique, rowing recovery

The importance of the recovery and how it fits in the rowing and sculling stroke The rowing recovery is the part of the stroke where the rowers let the boat move and prepare for the next stroke. This happens during the time the blades are out of the water: from the time the blades are […]

The finish in rowing technique

rowing finish, greek rowing

The finish is the final part of the drive where the rower draws the handle(s) in towards his body. The finish is also where the blade is taken out of the water. The finish occurs at that point in the stroke when the boat is moving at its fastest and the blades change from applying […]

The drive in rowing technique

Rowing and Sculling Catch Position, rowperfect, rowing technique

The drive phase is the part of the stroke where the athletes move the boat. This happens during the time the blades are in the water: from the time the blades are placed in the water at the catch to the time that the blades are extracted from the water at the finish. The drive […]