Can short people row?

By Rebecca Caroe

Can short people get on a college rowing team? Absolutely – remember rowing is a power and height sport and so there are places where nearly everyone will fit. (Outside of college teams there are a lot of smaller people). As inspiration – this photo is of Joe Sullivan and Nathan Cohen from New Zealand […]

Steve Gladstone Yale Rowing Coach Advice

By Rebecca Caroe

We had an awesome RowingChat today with Steve Gladstone and have collated timestamps for the key points we covered during the interview.  Below is a link to watch the video on YouTube or Listen on SoundCloud.  Please subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes and, as ever, tell your friends about RowingChat. 01:00 How to up-skill […]

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters rowperfect

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters

By Laura Hollar

The Most Horrific Ways to Get Rowing Blisters Nobody escapes blisters. They are the bane of our existence, as rowers. But we row hard and proudly wear our callouses earned from sustaining blister after blister. We bleed through the pain, bandage the damage, and go on because there IS no other way! 1. When you’re a beginner. […]

Why all rowers need gloves sometimes Rowperfect

Why all rowers need gloves…. sometimes

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing has a macho image, particularly with regard to “hardening up” and “being tough”.  This shows up mostly around walking barefoot at regattas and “patent recipes” to cure hand blisters (no, urinating on your hands does not harden the skin!). Every rower gets blisters sometimes.  Many find training camps particularly tough time because increasing training to […]

Coach Ernst leaves UW

By Rebecca Caroe

It’s sad to see a strong rowing coach career such as Coach Ernst’s end in tears and recriminations.  He deserved a better send off. This week’s revelations that Coach Bob Ernst was fired by University of Washington from his post as head womens crew coach just before Thanksgiving adds a sorry note to the holiday. Rowing […]

How can I get an overseas university rowing scholarship?

By Rebecca Caroe

I am interested in applying for an overseas university rowing scholarship, particularly for Harvard. I was wondering how to apply and the conditions required for applying. I am in my second to last year of high school. What great ambition to have!  I hope you succeed.   First download our e book How to get […]

How useful is a training diary for rowing?

By Rebecca Caroe

I got asked to help coach a young athlete to get a rowing scholarship to a USA university.  She is determined to learn to scull, continue with her high school rowing programme and add extra sessions to improve strength so she can hit the ergo target. At our first meeting, we talked about how to train […]

Should sports schools select on rowing ability?

By Rebecca Caroe

A new British school, Mossbourne Academy, declares its high ambition for rowing achievement of its pupils. It’s demonstrably true that academic selection is good for selected pupils and bad for the others. In Kent, for example, where grammars still operate, overall educational attainment is lower, even though grammar attainment is significantly higher. But this isn’t […]