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Rowing and Water Safety – learn from Incidents

and Share the Knowledge Around your Rowing Club Nothing puts a damper on our favourite sport of rowing like common accidents on and off the water. Do any of these scenarios sound all-too-familiar? Slipping in water puddling off boats fresh from the river Dropping boats and breaking them Collisions on the water between boats (watch […]

Exercise while being sick?

I got an email from a former athlete asking a question about getting ill while training. Dear Rebecca, I remember you mentioning something about the relationship between your resting heartrate and your current wellbeing. It was about two years ago when you told me to remind you so that you could send me the link […]

Rowperfect Oar Carrier – a new kid on the dock

All dates back to my experience at the WRC in Linz. I saw the big mess of oars. At the dock, at the boats, in dirty grass. They were everywhere. The only exceptions: The Aussies. They had it organized perfectly: with  oar carriers. They were standing in the boat house, properly stored and loaded with […]

How to choose a rowing club

I have been coaching a young athlete who has ambitions to row at the Olympics – one of the things we discussed what how to find the right rowing club for her to join. Setbacks and red herrings I was very frustrated by being asked for advice (which club to join) only to find that […]

Black Friday

Black Friday is Coming Up Again. This day is well know in the English Speaking World.A synonym for discount shopping. We all know Black Friday as a big shopping day after thanksgiving. Do we know where it was coming from?. We research the web and found  some good explanations: Market Crash in 1869: The first recorded […]

Empowering women through rowing

The American Dream of achievement for all is a compelling vision. Using rowing as part of a programme to help disadvantaged young women becomes an inspiring story. Empowering Woman Here’s a great video from a few years ago. It’s about a group of disadvantaged schoolgirls in New York City being both tutored for their school […]

Bradley Wiggins’ very short rowing career

Bradley Wiggins

We all know who Sir Bradley Wiggins is. The 2012 Tour De France, five-time Olympic champion superstar cyclist is unmistakable. To the British public, he is the ginger-sideburned, Paul Weller-loving superstar who is the most successful Olympian in British history on the medal count. What you may not know is that Bradley Wiggins has spent the last […]

Holes in oars make the boat go even faster

Ben Rodford Oar Trial speed graphs

Ben Rodford, an England champion sculler recently tested the Oscar Blades with the holes in oars at Gloucester RC. His results were impressive, demonstrating a time advantage of 3.24 seconds for the Oscar BladesTM  against similar blades without slits. This is a 2.8% improvement over the non-slitted blades and equates to a 1.18 boat lengths advantage […]

How can holes in a blade make the boat go faster?

Oscar Blade

Once in a while something special comes along that looks set to transform the sport of rowing. The Oscar BladesTM is a radically new blade design for sculling and sweep oars which mimics how elite swimmers now swim faster with their fingers spaced apart. It is now undergoing on-water time trials and more than matching the […]

Squared & Buried Rowing clothing from Warwick, UK

rowing clothes, Squared and buried

SQUARED & BURIED was founded by husband and wife team Samuel & Lisa-Marie, based by the historic banks of the River Avon in the shadow of Warwick castle. With a vision to develop a rowing inspired brand known for quality & stylish apparel both on and off the water. “Sharing your love for rowing we […]