Give a little to keep a lot. FISA are protecting rowing’s position in the Olympic Games.

By Tristan

Big changes are taking place in the world rowing with FISA recently voting for gender-equity at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. The extraordinary congress members, which also took place in Tokyo, supported FISA’s proposal to lose the lightweight (lwt) men’s 4- for future Olympic Games with the women’s heavyweight 4- coming in as […]

Why I Hate the Bench Pull

By StrengthCoachWill

I’ve mentioned several times on the Strength Coach Roundtable as well as in a few different articles my disdain–no, my hatred–of the bench pull (also referred to as the “seal row”) exercise, and here’s my full case against it. The bench pull is the single most overrated and dangerous lift in rowing. It has low specificity […]

Monthly Prize Winner June 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (June) we have this prize:  Caps from Rowing Australia and Community Rowing Inc, Boston, USA donated by The Rowing Network coaching service. And the winners are Grey High School Coaches from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Well done, we’ve […]

Train Like A Viking

By Rebecca Caroe

Vikings were famous for their toughness and expertise when it came to rowing. Rowers can take inspiration from Vikings and incorporate their fighting ethos into their own training routines. So in this post we look at how the Vikings have inspired a new wave of fitness and how it can be applied to rowing. For […]

Speed and Cadence monitors for Kayak Canoe

By Rebecca Caroe

Whether you are rowing or paddling, and no matter what the craft, speed is a great metric to measure. Sometimes however, you need a little more. Measuring cadence (stroke rate) can give you a real insight as to how well (or not) you are training. It can help you whether you train solo, or as […]

Sinkovic brothers rowing

A Few Tips From The Best Rowers On Earth

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re less than a year removed from the Rio Olympics, which was a thrilling spectacle for rowing enthusiasts. This is a sport that a lot of people take on in their personal lives, either for exercise or for the sake of competition. But as a spectator sport it isn’t always the most accessible option. This […]

Join us – blogging on Rowperfect

By Rebecca Caroe

Would you like to upload your rowing blogs and articles and share them with a wider audience? Use the Rowperfect blog Guest Blogging tool – it’s WordPress and easy to use. If you say ‘yes’ to blogging on Rowperfect there are a couple of caveats we proof read it before publishing please allow us […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #6: Deadlifting for Rowers

By StrengthCoachWill

We changed up the format a bit for this episode and spent the whole time just talking about one lift. If there’s only one lift you can do for rowing, we could make an argument for the deadlift. It’s an awesome lift with a ton of carryover to rowing, for performance, reinforcing technical cues and coaching, […]

Prize Draw for March 2017

By Rebecca Caroe

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (March) we have this prize:  Sander Roosendaal gives memberships for Rowsandall data analysis for rowing Get Yourself signed up and become eligible to WIN by clicking on the “Join Us” box below, add your email […]

Essential Winter Rowing Clothing Guide

By Rebecca Caroe

Training doesn’t stop just because winter arrives. The winter season is often the best time to build up steady mileage and to get your body prepared for summer. While rowing is always about passion and fun, rowing in the rain, wind and even snow is not the most pleasurable thing to do. The freezing winter […]