Strength Coach Roundtable #7: The Squat

By Strength Coach Roundtable

After a few month’s hiatus, rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe Deleo return to the Strength Coach Roundtable to talk about an important lift for rowing performance–the squat. In this 45-minute episode, we talk about how we teach it to our rowers, our favorite (and least favorite) variations of the squat to […]

Data Integrity: when to trust your data?

By jrzaleski

Verifying the Accuracy of Measurements-Introduction In my last post on tracking rowing data, I received a comment regarding the accuracy and measurement of observations—heart rate, in particular. This provided me with an idea to evaluate the best way I know how: take some measurements and compare to establish an estimate of data integrity. One of […]

Tracking The Data

By jrzaleski

I am a 53 year-old sculler who was bitten by the rowing “bug” 35 years ago while a freshman at Boston University, where I primarily coxed 8’s and sculled. I participated in freshman varsity and, although I had water in my veins from growing up in a small town on the Northshore of Long Island, […]

Seasons Change and So Do I (thanks to The Guess Who)

By Dave Frost

Ahhh, September, a pivotal ninth calendar month for our zany sport (though it’s Latin origin is for a seventh month – go figure). What I figure on September 1st… a. cooler mornings as our crews transition from Sprint to Head racing.  Yes, and slightly later sunrises as autumn’s equinox approaches. Cool snaps allow us deep […]

Tips to buy the perfect rowing machine

By Rowperfect UK

Rowing is one of the best exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. Are you aware that with a single rowing stroke, you are making as many as 9 major muscle group of your body work?   Perhaps, there isn’t a better way to work out indoors than opting for an exercise regimen that includes […]

Investing in a rowing exercise regimen – Why it makes sense

By Rebecca Caroe

There are several instances when impulsive expenses make you suffer regret later on. However, investing your cash to enhance your personality, well being, health, fitness, the feel-good factor, and your emotional state of mind should not be something that you ought to regret.  Ever. Although workouts attract individuals from all walks of life, rowing is […]

Give a little to keep a lot. FISA are protecting rowing’s position in the Olympic Games.

By Tristan

Big changes are taking place in the world rowing with FISA recently voting for gender-equity at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. The extraordinary congress members, which also took place in Tokyo, supported FISA’s proposal to lose the lightweight (lwt) men’s 4- for future Olympic Games with the women’s heavyweight 4- coming in as […]

Why I Hate the Bench Pull

By StrengthCoachWill

I’ve mentioned several times on the Strength Coach Roundtable as well as in a few different articles my disdain–no, my hatred–of the bench pull (also referred to as the “seal row”) exercise, and here’s my full case against it. The bench pull is the single most overrated and dangerous lift in rowing. It has low specificity […]