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How can holes in a blade make the boat go faster?

Once in a while something special comes along that looks set to transform the sport of rowing. The Oscar BladesTM is a radically new blade design for sculling and sweep oars which mimics how elite swimmers now swim faster with their fingers spaced apart. It is now undergoing on-water time trials and more than matching the […]

Squared & Buried Rowing clothing from Warwick, UK

rowing clothes, Squared and buried

SQUARED & BURIED was founded by husband and wife team Samuel & Lisa-Marie, based by the historic banks of the River Avon in the shadow of Warwick castle. With a vision to develop a rowing inspired brand known for quality & stylish apparel both on and off the water. “Sharing your love for rowing we […]

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Performance

Helen Glover , Heather Stanning

In the past decade or two, emotional intelligence or EQ has broken out of academia and entered the mainstream. Initially investigated by two researchers, John Mayer and Peter Salovey, and popularized by behavioral sciences expert Daniel Goleman, EQ is defined by Psychology Today as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the […]

Position Vacant – Director of Rowing (Coaching) in Adelaide, South Australia

Pulteney Grammar School in Adelaide, South Australia is looking for a Director of Rowing (Coaching), The successful candidate will have experience as a rowing coach or rower at a senior State, National or International level and have the ability to translate this experience into a rowing program within a school environment.

How to take care of your feet when rowing

3 arches of the foot.

The feet first approach  There’s a reason behind the well developed stereotype a rowing teams and sliders – your feet need it after all that time spent in the boat! Whether it’s down to the stresses and strains [1] placed on your joints while you’re competing, the many hours spent with your feet in shared […]

What to Wear for Rowing

Nowadays, rowing seems to be one of the nation’s favourite sports. People really love it and since the Rio Olympics interest has just increased.  Trouble is – most folks have never tried rowing.  If you think you might love rowing, make sure that your clothing is suitable.  It’s absolutely essential to be comfortable with what you […]