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Drugs in sport

Roger Bannister. Image Credit: Wikipedia

David Brailsford, Bradley Wiggins and Seb Coe are in the firing line over doping, with much hand-wringing talk about ‘ethical lines’. It’s all irrelevant. Professional sports is about winning, nothing else. At that level there is no such thing as ethics, or if there is it’s down the A12 and if you get to Suffolk […]

Olympian Gold Medalist Rower wants Ninja Warrior in Olympics

Susan Francia on American Ninja Warrior

Olympic gold medalist Susan Francia wasn’t ready to slow down after she retired from the US women’s eight rowing team.  Winning two gold medals at the Summer Olympics and setting a world record at the 2006 World Rowing Championships and the 2012 Samsung World Rowing Cup II, Francia has been used to living at a […]

Getting into rowing is easier than you think

There are many sports where people will be interested in participating but may be put off for a number of reasons and rowing may seem like something that’s difficult to get involved with. However, that’s not the case at all. Great Britain was extremely successful in the 2016 Rio Olympics in rowing, winning three golds […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #7: The Squat

After a few month’s hiatus, rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe Deleo return to the Strength Coach Roundtable to talk about an important lift for rowing performance–the squat. In this 45-minute episode, we talk about how we teach it to our rowers, our favorite (and least favorite) variations of the squat to […]

Data Integrity: when to trust your data?

Verifying the Accuracy of Measurements-Introduction In my last post on tracking rowing data, I received a comment regarding the accuracy and measurement of observations—heart rate, in particular. This provided me with an idea to evaluate the best way I know how: take some measurements and compare to establish an estimate of data integrity. One of […]

Still No Sign of the Planned Cambridge Rowing Lake

The Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust, founded by the same committee who manage the Milton Country Park, was established with the aim of building a £25 million outdoor sports complex. The Cambridge Sport Lakes, as they were to be known, were to provide 220 acres of green recreational space for leisure and competition. Yet there has […]

Seasons Change and So Do I (thanks to The Guess Who)

Ahhh, September, a pivotal ninth calendar month for our zany sport (though it’s Latin origin is for a seventh month – go figure). What I figure on September 1st… a. cooler mornings as our crews transition from Sprint to Head racing.  Yes, and slightly later sunrises as autumn’s equinox approaches. Cool snaps allow us deep […]