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How do you schedule boat usage in your club?

side subscribe..... What’s the best software to schedule the boat usage in your club? We have posted blogs about that… read more

Row Perfect with Rowing Sport Boats

side subscribe..... Rowperfect has been appointed as the prime vendor / seller of Rowing Sport Boats in England. Historically successful… read more

Using bodyweight to scull faster

side subscribe..... Use your bodyweight to scull faster! What is the similarity between Nordic Skiing and Sculling? Raf found this… read more

Sorry, our shop is closed!

side subscribe.....   Dear customers, we are sorry to inform you, that we will close the shop on our website… read more

Are mission statements really necessary for rowing clubs?

side subscribe..... Rowperfect looked at mission statements of rowing clubs in German- and English-speaking countries. While it is a common topic… read more

A jewellery collection for rowers by rowers

side subscribe..... A jewellery collection that brings joy to the heart of every rowing fan. Every piece is carefully crafted… read more

Rowing in extreme situations – What does really help? Part 2 of our interview with mental coach Dr Annelen Collatz

side subscribe..... We were able to ask psychologist and mental coach Dr Annelen Collatz a few questions about rowing! Dr… read more

Rowing is more than just a physical exercise – Part 1 of our interview with mental coach Dr. Annelen Collatz

side subscribe..... This Sunday we have something very special for you! We were able to ask psychologist and mental coach Dr… read more

Doping-free Supplements for Rowers

side subscribe..... Supplements for Rowers We recently spoke to Sponser, a sports nutrition company. Their products are used by rowers,… read more

11th Mirabaud BaselHead, Regatta – Switzerland

side subscribe..... For the 11th time the city of Basel is hosting the 11th Mirabaud BaselHead, Switzerland on 13.11.2021 This… read more

Mental training – The Way to more Success

side subscribe..... The moments when the team hears the starting gun until the end of the race are the toughest… read more

How to get your Boathouse ready for the winter

side subscribe..... Pumpkins, coloured trees everywhere and coffee shops offering every possible drink with pumpkin spice, sound familiar? Signs that… read more

Late tribute to an Olympian

side subscribe..... We recently received an article about a late tribute to a former Olympian. Read more about the Olympics… read more

Our Marketplace for Boats and Rowing Equipment

side subscribe..... Winter is coming and the end of the rowing season is near. Time to clean up your boathouse!… read more

How do you christen your rowing boat?

side subscribe..... When was the last time you went to a boat christening? In many clubs, the christening of boats… read more

Goal Setting for rowers

side subscribe..... In today’s post we want to show you how goal setting works for rowers. Let’s have a look… read more

Drills to improve balance in sculling

side subscribe..... A reader wrote in to ask “Which drills are most effective to improve balance at the backstop position… read more

How to stay relaxed when stroking (quads and eights)

side subscribe..... We got a reader question from Iona “What kind of exercise can I use to help stay relaxed… read more

Results of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

side subscribe..... The finals of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games rowing took place at the Sea Forest Waterway rowing venue on… read more

Rowing in intense heat

side subscribe..... Rowing or water sports on hot days – should you go out on the water or should you… read more

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