RowingChat: Adrian Ellison Olympic Coxswain

By Rebecca Caroe

Adrian Ellison won Olympic Gold in 1984 at Los Angeles with the British Mens coxed four crew including Sir Steve Redgrave, Martin Cross, Richard Budgett and Andy Holmes.  He continues to cox and coach and gives us his insights into how to up-skill yourself as a coxswain and how to coach coxes. Listen to RowingChat […]

RowingChat with The Rowing Network

By Rebecca Caroe

The Rowing Network is a coach education website set up by Community Rowing Inc in conjunction with Rowing Australia led by Matt Lehrer and Ron Batt. Listen to RowingChat with The Rowing Network on SoundCloud Timestamps to the interview 01:00 Introduction and background in rowing 06:00 The inspiration for the Rowing Network 08:00 Coach educator traditional role […]

Matt Langridge rower

RowingChat with Matt Langridge four times Olympian

By Rebecca Caroe

Matt is a four time Olympian rower with a bronze, silver and gold medal to his name. He’s won international titles in every Olympic boat class – both sculling and sweep in his 15 year career. We discuss life after rowing, what it’s like having Jurgen Grobler as your coach and why rowing is addictive. Listen […]

Thessaloniki Coastal Rowing Club, Nikos, Rowing, Rowperfect

RowingChat with Nikos Gkountoulas Coastal Rowing Coach

By Rebecca Caroe

Nikos is the leading world Coastal Rowing coach and former flat-water rowing Olympian.  He works with his twin brother, Apostolis to promote all types of rowing in Greece. His move from 2k rowing into Coastal and Beach Sprint Rowing is an opportunity he thinks other athletes could enjoy.  In this interview we run through the different […]

Tim Edsell

RowingChat with Tim Edsell of Coxn School

By Rebecca Caroe

Streamed live on April 2nd, 2017 Tim has set up the first online tutorial service to train rowing coxswains and I was delighted to be chatting with him on RowingChat.   His experience as a regatta referee and a coxswain coach has showcased the need for improved instruction.  In this interview we run through a range […]

Join RowingChat with Masters Rowing Specialist, Marlene Royle

RowingChat Faster Masters transitioning out of winter

By Rebecca Caroe

Marlene Royle is a welcome return guest on RowingChat today with a talk focused on how to transition out of winter training and back onto the water for the summer. Timestamps for Marlene Royle RowingChat 01:00 Introductions and personal background in rowing 05:00 Transitioning off the erg.  Ergometer training is a linear world. Water rowing is […]

RowingChat: Data analysis for rowing with Sander Roosendaal

By Rebecca Caroe

Streamed live on March 5th, 2017 Sander is a leader in the field of rowing analytics and has created the website to enable others to upload and review rowing data in order to improve their training outcomes. Timestamps for topics in the podcast. 0:01 introductions and background in rowing and data analysis 0:02 What got you […]

RowingChat with Phil Simmons

By Rebecca Caroe

Streamed live on Feb 13, 2017 Phil is an Olympian and former international sweep rower who has successfully switched into coaching. He has been 7 years at Kingston Grammar School coaching boys and girls. Timestamps for topics in the podcast. 0:01 introductions and background in rowing 0:02 Transitioning from being an athlete to being a […]

RowingChat with Guin Batten beach rowing pioneer

By Rebecca Caroe

RowingChat today was with Guin Batten a pioneer leading new racing formats for beach rowing, coastal rowing and an energetic ambassador for the sport. She has taken on many new challenges such as rowing in the Maldives, winning the Coastal Rowing world championships and inventing beach rowing for the World Beach Games since winning a silver […]

Sara Hendershot

RowingChat with Sara Hendershot Intensity Training Specialist Rowing Coach

By Rebecca Caroe

RowingChat today was with Sara Hendershot-Lombardi, a pioneer introducing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to rowing coaching. She discovered this alternative method of training after serious personal injury, rehabilitation and recovery as she challenged for a place in the US Rowing team for Rio Olympics. Sara runs Rowfficient, the training company whose Project UP is […]