rowing data heart rate

Data Integrity: when to trust your rowing data?

By jrzaleski

Verifying the Accuracy of Measurements-Introduction In my last post on tracking rowing data, I received a comment regarding the accuracy and measurement of observations—heart rate, in particular. This provided me with an idea to evaluate the best way I know how: take some measurements and compare to establish an estimate of data integrity. One of […]

Difference RP3 and RP3S rowing machine

By Rebecca Caroe

I have a number of questions please :- 1. Difference between RP3, RP3S and Rowperfect Indoor Sculler. 2. UK price. 3. Where we can try it. 4. Comparisons with Oartec Slider and Concept Dynamic. Answers RP3 is an earlier model of RP3S and was phased out in 2012.  Indoor Sculler is independently made in Australia. […]

John McAvoy indoor rowing champ

New Rowing Movie

By Rebecca Caroe

It tells the story of John McAvoy. Given 2 life sentences for armed robbery aged 22 and was the youngest ever prisoner to be housed in the UK high security prison, Belmarsh (where fellow inmates were Abu Hamza and the London 9/7 Bombers). While inside, with no formal training and on a prison diet, he […]

Children on rowing machines

How to improve my erg time?

By Rebecca Caroe

My daughter has just started rowing and is disappointed with her rowing erg time, how can she improve? The short answer to your daughter’s dilemma is to practice, practice, practice. As a new learner, a lot of improvement will come from building up physical adaptations i.e. training muscles and getting stronger. The longer answer is […]

Ergo 2k test rowing

2k Max Ergo Training Techniques

By Rebecca Caroe

I am keen to look at 2k max training techniques. At moment my best is 6:55. However that is just by being reasonably fir and strong. Would love to actually train specifically? Can you help please? In order to improve your personal 2k score, you need individual training. A plan written for you and a […]

Measure your Hand for Rowing Gloves Rowing Glove Size Chart Rowperfect

Measuring your hand for indoor rowing gloves

By Rebecca Caroe

I’m trying to get gloves for my dad, who’s an indoor rower. He’s told me his hands measure 10cm across the palm. On your site this seems to make him an X-Small, unless I’m misreading the centimetre measurements next to the various sizes on the order page. At 6 foot 4 he’s a big bugger […]