Coxmate PC analysis software

Coaching the Recovery using Data

By Rebecca Caroe

We got a customer asking about how to use rowing data in order to improve the coaching of the recovery for a crew. “I think the important factor is making the recovery as smooth as possible so we don’t lose too much boat speed in the 8+. We have spent a lot time optimising the […]

Coxmate GPS Firmware update

Coxmate GPS firmware upgrade

By Rebecca Caroe

To all customers who have purchased GPS units – here is how to update the firmware (which is the operating system for the unit).  The PC Analysis Software has also been updated.  Download Coxmate PC Analysis Software. If you prefer to get Rowperfect staff to do this for you – please buy Coxmate GPS Firmware […]

Get the Coxmate Bundle for Cornish Gigs!

By Rowperfect UK

The Cornish Gig season is here Stay ahead of the crowd by adopting innovative rowing technologies. Although audio amplification for Gigs isn’t traditional, we are moving into a digital age and these are the tools that’ll give you a great advantage on the water. Coxmate is the rowing electronics company that has led the change to GPS […]

London Head of the River Races 2017

By Peter Stromberg

The Eights Head of the River Racing Season on London’s Tideway is almost upon us! This year, Rowperfect are proud to be right at the heart of the action, sponsoring 4 separate events and giving competitors the chance to win a COXMATE AUDIO!  We’ve also got a discount coupon for you on all Coxmate products…. read on to […]

Coxmate SX

Coxmate software update

By Rebecca Caroe

Here is the link to the latest Coxmate PC software for use with the GPS unit or SX unit:!ArGjTGFOyj2wgYYmvvhrmhItQ9K5SQ This now allows you to right click and “select partial record” which then is exported as a new record.  It means you are able to break down the pieces/session into the one race or parts […]

Why train if you can’t measure progress?

By Rebecca Caroe

Feedback from a customer who just started using the Coxmate GPS software. The software is amazing!  In my humble opinion (as a professional marketer) I think you maybe missing a trick here as to how you are selling your products.  At the moment you seem to be focusing on the hardware – nobody actually wants […]

Amplification for Dragon Boats

By Rebecca Caroe

If you paddle a Dragon Boat and want amplification, there a few options for you to consider: Coxmate Audio This is a brand new product which gives sound amplification. Coxmate AA+ In addition to amplification this unit adds time and stroke rate information (rating only with a sliding seat).  Both these kits are supplied with […]