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Rowing pixel art

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Creative rowing artist Peter Schonwandt has a unique method of making his artworks – they are built from old computer keyboard letters (keycaps). Recruiting contributions of disused keyboards from rowing athletes such as Donna Etiebet, Andy Triggs-Hodge, Annamarie Phelps, Katrin Thoma and Nigel Longley he has made an unique artwork called Rowing Champions.  The sum total […]

Henley Royal – the delights and the quirks

Bayer Leverkusen stroke is J. Christ

Reporting on a Royal Regatta which I have not frequented for several years gives the benefit of perspective granted by distance. I enjoy the ritual and am simultaneously irritated by some of the rules. Gentlemen were allowed to take off their jackets because the temperatures were above 30 degrees. Everyone was uncomfortable from heat. Coming […]

Racing Starts for rowing

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World Rowing Masters regatta is coming up, and I guess most of what can be done of preparation is done by now. However I cannot help but thinking about the start, and how to improve it. If not for anything else, so for next year’s regatta season. I stroke a Masters G and H 8+. I am […]

Why your race was not as good as your practice

Exhausted Rowers.

Was your Henley disappointing?  Did your crew fail to row as well in the competition as you did during practices? You aren’t alone – there are many reasons why your particular crew may have failed to live up to your expectations.  Let’s run through some that you can use to improve for next year. Make […]

Overheard at Henley….

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A cheeky reproduction of some remarks Overheard at Henley Royal Regatta shared elsewhere on the global interwebs From Row2k Yesterday, from a commentator: “For a youngster there’s nothing better than beating a guy with a beard.”   And from Rachel Quarrell – rowing journalist “Ah, only the two stone weight disadvantage then…. Does that mean […]

Buy Rowing Jewellery during Henley Royal

Rowing Jewellery for sale at Henley Royal Regatta

Get ready to see (and buy) beautiful rowing jewellery at Henley.  After being founded in 2014, Strokeside Designs from Brooklyn (New York) is now heading towards Henley Royal Regatta, the most prestigious rowing event in the world. They are bringing a collection of rowing jewellery exclusively crafted by hand and many must-haves for every passionate rowing fan. Strokeside Designs have […]

Coxing lessons from Henley Royal Regatta 2016

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The mass of disruption and upsets at 2016 Henley Royal Regatta’s final day shows how much is at stake in a top rowing race. A Guest post by Coxmate. Disqualifications, steering upsets and champions overturned by upstarts – all goes to show that you can’t say “rowing is boring to watch”. Steering at Henley There […]