Rowing Tales 2 for 1 book launch

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re delighted to announce that Rowing Tales – the anthology of anecdotes about the sport of rowing is launching today. Written by over 40 separate contributors, this is the ultimate collection of stories for the rowing enthusiast.  Below you will find a launch offer to buy 2 for the price of one before 1st November […]

Rowing using the Alexander Technique

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing Technique from a Holistic Perspective is a personal insight into whole-body rowing from an expert Alexander Technique and Tai-chi teacher, Jonathan Drake. If you have ever had an injury, you will know how challenging this was to recover from.  Jonathan Drake shares his insights into how to make rowing “easier” on the body with […]

1984 Lake Casitas regatta finishing-line. The last stroke of the M4+ Olympic final

What are the best rowing books?

By Rebecca Caroe

I’ve read Rowing Faster and Biomechanics of Rowing, and will soon be reading The Complete Book of Rowing. What other sources are there for rowers, particularly those focusing on technique both on the water and on the erg? What do you want to learn? There are two categories of rowing books how to row books […]

Winning Head Races book

Winning Head Races

By Rebecca Caroe

It’s Head Racing Season – all you need to know Winter is marching past and spring will shortly be happening in the rowing world this means we are focused on head racing. The UK pinnacle events are the Tideway Heads (mens, womens, schools and veterans). and these are WORTH WINNING. What does it take to […]

6 minutes in berlin rowing book

Where the Boys in the Boat author swiped the story from

By Rebecca Caroe

In case you enjoyed reading the Boys in the Boat blockbuster about the Berlin Olympic US mens 8 crew…. take a read of this. Seems Dan Brown was second to the party but swiped the financial prize. Rowperfect contacted Michael Socolow After reading this article on Inside Higher Ed (we have highbrow tastes!) Michael told […]

Win Olympic Coach Paul Thompson’s new book

By Rebecca Caroe

British Rowing head women’s coach, Paul Thompson’s latest book has just published.  It is called Training For The Complete Rower.  And Rowperfect is selling it for one week only in our shop (ends 23rd April).   After that you’ll have to use book shops!  And we have one copy as a prize for our Monthly Prize […]

Achieving Ease and Comfort in the Boat by Troy Howell

The Ultimate Guide for Comfort in a Rowing Boat

By Rebecca Caroe

For everyone who’s every been frightened of tipping out, capsizing or does not feel at ease in a rowing boat – this new book is for you and your coach.  If you’ve ever watched a really skilled oarsman or woman work their craft, you will realise that they all have one common skill and that […]

Heavyweight Resources for Lightweights

By Rebecca Caroe

Ahead of our next RowingChat, with Princeton Lightweights coach – Bill Manning, we thought we would share some of our excellent content for lightweights! From training tips, through to correct weight management and dietary suggestions, we’ve got it all! Here’s a quick round-up of some handy resources, specifically for lightweights, which you can find (mostly*) free on […]

The Rowing Buyer’s Guide eBook Series

By Rebecca Caroe

We’re launching a new eBook series called “The Buyer’s guide”. In these eBooks, we take a closer look at different rowing equipment and guide you through all options on the market. These eBooks are meant to cover everything you need to know before purchasing a specific piece equipment. Let Rowperfect do all the thinking for you! […]

Stock Clearance of The Cox Guide products

By Rebecca Caroe

We are not going to be restocking the Cox Guide set of products by George Kirschbaum Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing  – the book that explains coxing from beginner to advanced (5 in stock) Coxing Drill Card – laminated to take in the boat (7 in stock) Coxswain Audio recordings – hear experts and learn by listening (6 […]