Are Rowperfect spare parts available? Yes they are!

By Rebecca Caroe

A friend has access to a Rowperfect Classic machine and wants to put it back to functioning. Needs a chain and probably a new bearing on the flywheel. Are parts still available with instructions on repair? Costs? Yes all the spare parts which are specialist are listed on our website shop under Rowperfect and RP3 […]

Dragon Boat mechanical stacker

By Rebecca Caroe

I am a member of a Dutch dragonboat club, and involved in the new (to be built) clubhouse and storage. After a thorough search on the internet I came across a company in Austalia (Space Saver Rowing Systems) with a solution for the safe storage of 3 dragonboats. I dismissed this option based on the distance […]

Space Saver, the Rowing Racking Company

By Jeremy Peskey

This week, the team at Rowperfect had a chance to catch up with the founder and director of Space Saver Rowing Systems (SSRS), Douglas Lumsden. He shared with us what has been happening recently with SSRS, as well as reflecting back on where the company has come from and what the future holds for rowing […]

Coxmate Service Centre for UK and Ireland

By Rebecca Caroe

Coxmate coxswain amplifiers and boat speed measurement electronics are sold and serviced by Rowperfect UK. Contact our office to discuss repairs, servicing and operating issues. We can upgrade the operating firmware to the latest version for your SRT or SX GPS unit. Best practice for Coxmates is to use the silicone grease inside the connector […]

Fight the Pain: Cure Your Rowing Blisters

By Theo

Firstly healing the callouses. Soak hands in warm water. Soap vigorously when the skin is softened and warmed and use a pumice stone to rub over the surface of the callouses to reduce their height. Dry hands carefully and apply hand cream to soften skin. Do this every night. Sleep with cotton gloves on to […]

Clean equipment is happy equipment

By Jonathan Malcolm Lewis

“Clean equipment is happy equipment”. As much as I hate to admit it, my parents were right all those years ago when they continually nagged me to clean my bike and the same applies to rowing equipment. Rinsing and wiping down the hull and slide tracks after every row and a soapy water wash once […]