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Coxmate GPS software now in OSX

Rowperfect Coxmate GPS Holiday Gift Guide

Coxmate releases OSX version of GPs software for existing users – you now have a choice of Windows or Apple iOS to do your rowing data analysis. Apple software has been released by Coxmate to support the interpretation of their GPS speed measurement device. Download the OSX software Register your Coxmate GPS and get the […]

Rowsandall Rowing Data Analysis OFFER


There is no shortage of training advice for rowers. “Train more”, “Avoid the black hole”, “Train smarter” (whatever that means), “Train like the Danes”, “Avoid junk meters”.  The best research has found that what works best for one rower might not work for another. So what can you do? Plan. Execute. Measure. Adjust. Repeat. Today […]

Data Integrity: when to trust your rowing data?

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Verifying the Accuracy of Measurements-Introduction In my last post on tracking rowing data, I received a comment regarding the accuracy and measurement of observations—heart rate, in particular. This provided me with an idea to evaluate the best way I know how: take some measurements and compare to establish an estimate of data integrity. One of […]

Tracking Rowing Data – how I do it

Rowing data, Garmin Vivoactive, Garmin 78c, Rowing gloves, Rowperfect

I am a 53 year-old sculler who was bitten by the rowing “bug” 35 years ago while a freshman at Boston University, where I primarily coxed 8s and sculled. I participated in freshman varsity and, although I had water in my veins from growing up in a small town on the Northshore of Long Island, […]

Coaching the Recovery using Data

Coxmate PC analysis software

We got a customer asking about how to use rowing data in order to improve the coaching of the recovery for a crew. “I think the important factor is making the recovery as smooth as possible so we don’t lose too much boat speed in the 8+. We have spent a lot time optimising the […]

How to find your Maximum Heart Rate for Rowing

How do I get my RP3 monitor to pick up a HR from my Garmin HR monitor reading? I can get the RP3 monitor display for HR, but no pulse! How do I synchronize the devices? Thank you! Seems you need a Polar Bluetooth to sync with Android tablet.  I have tried two different Polar […]

GPS comparison: NK, Coxmate, Minimax

Using GPS for boat speed has limitations.  One of the main ones is the speed the unit updates based on the GPS satellites. This is determined by the clock speed in Herz. NK uses a 5 Hz chip which is 5 times per second update cycle. Coxmate has a 10 Hz chip which is 10 times […]

The rowing stroke “sweet spot” for head racing

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Sander Roosendaal is on a mission to find the optimal pace for his single scull when doing head races.  In this article he explains how he is experimenting with his working hypothesis that the ideal stroke is in a sweet spot where three parameters (power, force and stroke length) are optimised, a bit like in […]