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Coxing a para rowing crew

Renae Domaschenz, Coxswain Rowing Australia, Para Rowing

Steer Like a Boss – Para Vs Able-bodied Many people have asked me about the challenges of coxing a para crew compared to my experience of able-bodied crews. Is it different? Do you have to change the way you cox? I can tell you that my experience of coxing a para crew is fundamentally the […]

Retired professional athlete? CTL Sport needs you

Crossing the Line Sport

Crossing the Line aims to bring greater insight and understanding into the retirement process and wellbeing of elite athletes. Which is why we’re proud to support new research into athlete transition, conducted by CTL partner, Chris Mordue. The research is focused on the following question: How does retiring from elite sport affect the identity and […]

Remote steering for blind rowers

blind rower, remote coxswain

Today we bring you a heartwarming story of a coach whose innovation enables his blind athlete to race against able-bodied athletes.  This was first published on Hear the Boat Sing   Her coach, Bob Berry tells us about the “Remote Coxswain” steering device he made for her. Sofia is a student of mine for the past two […]

The Pathway to Paralympic representation

NZ Paralympics. pathway model, community sport, Olympics,

Rachel Froggatt from Paralympics New Zealand talks about how the pathway from community awareness of sport participation for people of disability through to international representation is tough.  Tough all the way. Funding for the parts “That matter” is not available at all for community awareness and community development and only partially available for the Paralympic […]

Novice sea rower Robin Buttery to row 3600 miles across the Indian Ocean

Robin Buttery, sea rower, parkinsons disease

Sounds like a hook line for an article, so why would you go from a novice sea rower ‘no-row’ to ‘ultra-row’? I think most people would agree that rowing 3,660 miles across the Indian Ocean is a challenge of epic proportions. What makes this crossing even more testing for me is that I have Young […]

FISA adaptive boat rules discriminate

Resolute Adaptive rowing boat

Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells & Resolute Adaptive writes As you know, for the past 5 years, I have been advocating that the FISA adaptive boat rules are discriminatory, harmful in growing the sport and damaging to individuals. [They only allow one boat design / manufacturer in FISA events.] FISA did accept […]

The Road to Rio for a Paralympic athlete

Luca Lunghi

On the Road to Rio Paralympics 2016, by Luca Lunghi: the outstanding diary of a Paralympic athlete. Gillian Shaw has kindly shared her work translating this admirable rowing story.  Gillian and I “met” on LinkedIn via the World Rowing Discussion Group.  She kindly agreed to let us share her work. I’m not a sporty person but […]

Swim tests for adaptive rowers

Do you require swim tests for adaptive rowers. If so would people be willing to share their criteria I will defer to Tara Morgan who coaches at Seize the Oar in Seattle to answer. Tara writes: Here’s our policy on Swim Tests: Athletes are always first treated as every other rower in our boathouse […]

RowingHack: Resistance training

Tennis ball sliced for boat tie

Loading up your work is a great way to gain strength and skill in a rowing boat.  Having a bungee or rope under the hull gives an easy way to create extra loading on the athletes.  This can be used for all ages of rower and all expertise levels. The resistance slows down the boat […]