Resolute Adaptive rowing boat

FISA adaptive boat rules discriminate

By Rebecca Caroe

Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells & Resolute Adaptive writes As you know, for the past 5 years, I have been advocating that the FISA adaptive boat rules are discriminatory, harmful in growing the sport and damaging to individuals. [They only allow one boat design / manufacturer in FISA events.] FISA did accept […]

Luca Lunghi

The Road to Rio for a Paralympic athlete

By Rebecca Caroe

On the Road to Rio Paralympics 2016, by Luca Lunghi: the outstanding diary of a Paralympic athlete. Gillian Shaw has kindly shared her work translating this admirable rowing story.  Gillian and I “met” on LinkedIn via the World Rowing Discussion Group.  She kindly agreed to let us share her work. I’m not a sporty person but […]

One year training program for Adaptive Rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

A giant thank you to Community Rowing Inc in Boston’s Jenny Sichel – she has kindly shared a full year training program for Adaptive and Para Rowers to use.  We have updated the Rowing Para Rowing and Adaptive Resources page with the link. One year training program by Community Rowing for adaptive athletes. Divided into […]

Swim tests for adaptive rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

Do you require swim tests for adaptive rowers. If so would people be willing to share their criteria I will defer to Tara Morgan who coaches at Seize the Oar in Seattle to answer. Tara writes: Here’s our policy on Swim Tests: Athletes are always first treated as every other rower in our boathouse […]

Tennis ball sliced for boat tie

RowingHack: Resistance training

By Rebecca Caroe

Loading up your work is a great way to gain strength and skill in a rowing boat.  Having a bungee or rope under the hull gives an easy way to create extra loading on the athletes.  This can be used for all ages of rower and all expertise levels. The resistance slows down the boat […]

Para Rowing

Para Rowing and Adaptive Rowing Coaching Resources

By Rebecca Caroe

Hi, I am a beginner and struggle to find any club that will have me. I am in one disabled group but we are not competitive at all, which means there is little motivation. And another is still considering if I can stay and not pose a ‘risk’ of accidents. Where can I find information to […]