The 7 Bricks of Rowing Coaching Wisdom

Coaching Crew – Seven Bricks of Wisdom

By Rebecca Caroe

A guest post by Bob Greatorex: I can add little to the extensive literature available on training techniques so will address areas less often discussed.  I find analogies useful and advise crews to break challenges down into component parts.  I call it the ‘Brick Wall Analogy’.  Lay one brick at a time.  If each brick […]

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Passengers, or what can a masters crew do with a free rider

By Rebecca Caroe

One of the glories of rowing is that a boat is only as fast as the slowest crew member. Unless all the members are contributing the boat will not be fast.  I say this is one of the glories of the sport because it means that, unlike a football team, a basketball team ora hockey team, […]

Sculling lighter

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowperfect was privileged to be given this email exchange between Jim Joy (Rowperfect author) and one of his athletes.  Read and enjoy a contemplative rowing read. Good Morning Coach.. Think we got enough snow eh? So this piece is spot on..the touch of the hand to the handle, the way we present ourselves to the […]

Rowing and Spirituality

By Rebecca Caroe

Jimmy Joy is a coach, author and host of the Joy of Sculling Conferences.  He is the “philosopher coach” of the rowing world – studying the mind and how it interacts with sporting performance. Rowperfect sells his books: The Quantum Sculler – for the sculling coach and the athlete and contains new insights into how to coach […]

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How to motivate young rowers

By Rebecca Caroe

We got this question from a reader How can I motivate young rowers? Here are some article links for motivation Psychology and Motivation for Rowing Goals Rowing Motivation Tricks for When You Train Alone 8 Quotes from Brad Alan Lewis (gotta love these from this master Olympian) Mike Spraklen Talks Motivation Rowing Chat with Kirsten Barnes […]

My Rowing Crew - February poster of the month

My Rowing Crew – February poster of the month

By Emelie Tillack

Do you remember the company selling rowing posters? My Rowing Crew is now launching the February poster of the month. “Unless you puke, faint, or die, keep going”. I’m sure every rower can relate to this quote. It’s a must-have when you’re looking for some extra motivation! The poster comes in two different sizes (12″ x […]

Rowing motivation posters – you need these!

By Rebecca Caroe

My Rowing Crew is launching with a stack of super fun rowing motivation posters My name is Eddie and I am the owner of My Rowing Crew, a Motivational Rowing Poster e-store. Like you, we love Rowing and believe that our amazing sport has changed the way we wake up and approach life every day. That’s why […]