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RowingChat is seeking sponsors

Have you listened to the RowingChat Podcast? Rowing Chat is the leading rowing insight and advisory resource in the world.  We have been recording since 2014 and our broadcasts have a regular listenership of tens of thousands. Take a read of this Reddit discussion  “I’ve begun to wonder if there are any podcasts or something similar […]

Ryan Demaine, Headington School on RowingChat

Ryan Demaine

RowingChat this week is with one of the most successful high school rowing coaches in the UK, Ryan Demaine of Headington School.  Ryan’s open and frank generosity sharing his ideas about how to run a successful school rowing programme and how to teach rowing give huge insight.  Plus scroll down for his free giveaways. We […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #12: Preventing Low Back Pain in Rowing

strength coach roundtable

We’re back! Blake and Joe and I had a great and wide-ranging discussion on low back pain in rowing, combining what we’ve learned from rowing research with our own experiences as rowers, rowing coaches, and strength coaches. In this episode, we cover why low back pain in rowing occurs, how rowers and coaches can reduce […]

Caryn Davies on RowingChat

Caryn Davies, Olympian, US Rowing , RowingChat

RowingChat this week is with Caryn Davies one of the most-medalled US Rowing Olympians and former stroke of the US Womens 8 as well as the first ever Oxford Cambridge Tideway Boat Race.  Win a 30 minute coaching session with Caryn. We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of minutes […]

Rowing Injuries on RowingChat

Andy Franklyn-Miller, rowing doctor

RowingChat this week is with Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller an expert in sports injuries and a rowing coach. He is a world expert on how to rehab from injury and really understands rowing as a sport from a recovery point of view too.  There are 3 free resources to help your mobility and personal recovery from training […]

FitClub on RowingChat

The FitClub app

RowingChat this week is with the founder of the FitClub app.  Expat Kiwi, Athene McGregor Macdonald started the app when she couldn’t find a decent availability management crew management software programme for her club.  Today it’s the most straightforward interface for a rowing coach and club. We are doing a listener survey – could you […]

Jurgen Grobler Book authors on RowingChat

Jurgen Grobler, rowing biography,. more power book cover

RowingChat this week is with the authors of More Power, the Jurgen Grobler biography.  Jurgen is described as the most successful Olympic Rowing Coach ever, having won Gold Medals in ten separate Olympiads from Munich in 1972 to Rio in 2016.  Authors Chris Dodd and Hugh Matheson present each four year Olympic cycle and the […]

Julien Bahain on RowingChat

Julien Bahain

RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing Julien Bahain international representative for both France and Canada [separately] and now finding life after rowing and working on the FISA Athletes Commission.    We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of minutes to tell us what you think about RowingChat? Listen to […]

Eric Murray the KiwiPair on RowingChat

Eric Murray rower, kiwi pair, NZ rowing

RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing half of the world famous Kiwi Pair, Eric Murray.  Recently retired Eric and Hamish Bond enjoyed one of the longest runs of consecutive international wins at World Championships and Olympic games ever for endurance athletes. We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of […]

RowingChat with Kiwi Pair – Eric Murray

Listen live on Friday 25th May 2018 at 4 pm Auckland time by clicking the Watch RowingChat with Eric Murray on YouTube  Eric Murray best known as half of the Kiwi Pair. He is best known as double gold medalist at the 2012 London as well 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He won four consecutive World Rowing Championship gold […]