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Jurgen Grobler Book authors on RowingChat

Jurgen Grobler, rowing biography,. more power book cover

RowingChat this week is with the authors of More Power, the Jurgen Grobler biography.  Jurgen is described as the most successful Olympic Rowing Coach ever, having won Gold Medals in ten separate Olympiads from Munich in 1972 to Rio in 2016.  Authors Chris Dodd and Hugh Matheson present each four year Olympic cycle and the […]

Julien Bahain on RowingChat

Julien Bahain

RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing Julien Bahain international representative for both France and Canada [separately] and now finding life after rowing and working on the FISA Athletes Commission.    We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of minutes to tell us what you think about RowingChat? Listen to […]

Eric Murray the KiwiPair on RowingChat

Eric Murray rower, kiwi pair, NZ rowing

RowingChat is really delighted to be interviewing half of the world famous Kiwi Pair, Eric Murray.  Recently retired Eric and Hamish Bond enjoyed one of the longest runs of consecutive international wins at World Championships and Olympic games ever for endurance athletes. We are doing a listener survey – could you take a couple of […]

RowingChat with Kiwi Pair – Eric Murray

Listen live on Friday 25th May 2018 at 4 pm Auckland time by clicking the Watch RowingChat with Eric Murray on YouTube  Eric Murray best known as half of the Kiwi Pair. He is best known as double gold medalist at the 2012 London as well 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He won four consecutive World Rowing Championship gold […]

iCrew club management software on RowingChat

iCrew rowing Club Management Software Software was developed by Kevin Goyena for use with his club, where head coach Helen Tilghmann helped specify and improve it through active use. Read on for a special offer for RowingChat listeners. Listen to RowingChat with iCrew Software on SoundCloud Timestamps to the show 01:00 Introductions 05:00 Helen coaching skills as she […]

Robbie Manson on RowingChat

Robbie Manson, Tom Murry and Michael Brake

Known for being the current world record holder in 1x, Robbie Manson of Rowing New Zealand joined me on RowingChat with his crew mates Tom Murray and Michael Brake.  All three are in rehab and kindly made themselves available on Sunday afternoon… sorry I couldn’t publicise in advance. Listen to RowingChat with Robbie Manson on […]

RowingChat with iCrew Club Management Software

iCrew rowing Club Management Software

Listen live on Sunday 6th May 2018 at 7 pm PST time by clicking the YouTube video link. We are going to be reviewing club management software service iCrew with its founder, Kevin Goyena and avid user Mount Baker Crew Head Coach, Helen Tilghman. I began rowing as a junior in 2003 and continued on […]

Eira Parry parenting athletes on RowingChat

Eira Parry, rowing parent, parenting expert,

Eira is a rowing coach and athlete who started High-Performance Parenting offering support for parents of athletes involved in any sport at any level. HPP runs seminars, workshops and 1-2-1 sessions looking at subjects such as nutrition, anti-doping, sport/life balance and talking to a child about their sport. As well as supporting and advising parents, […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #11: Movement Assessments for Rowing

strength coach roundtable

Rowing strength coaches Will Ruth and Joe Deleo discuss movement assessments for rowing. How can we evaluate an athlete’s movement and use that information in our coaching? We talk application to strength training and rowing training so that you can get the most out of your movement in the weight-room as well as on the […]

RowingChat with Eira Parry of High Performance Parenting

Eira Parry, rowing parent, parenting expert,

Listen live on Sunday 15th April 2018 at 8 pm UK time by clicking the YouTube video link. Eira Parry is originally from a teaching background; she worked in both primary and secondary education. Seeing the need for parents to learn how to support their child through sport, she launched High Performance Parenting to teach […]