Winter Rowing Gloves user test results

By Rebecca Caroe

Three new winter glove designs for rowers From our recent promotion we got testers from around the Rowperfect community to test out three new winter glove designs.  The products are below The Pro is the cheapest a straightforward thermal glove for rowing. The Elite incorporates thinner fabrics and has better breathability and blister prevention The […]

Tennis ball sliced for boat tie

RowingHack: Resistance training

By Rebecca Caroe

Loading up your work is a great way to gain strength and skill in a rowing boat.  Having a bungee or rope under the hull gives an easy way to create extra loading on the athletes.  This can be used for all ages of rower and all expertise levels. The resistance slows down the boat […]

How to Go Lightweight

By Rebecca Caroe

You asked the question, How to go Lightweight? There is no absolute answer, but firstly you must have a physique which is likely to enable you to hit the maximum weight requirement for rowing. This is best assessed with your coach and a nutritionist or sports doctor. There’s no point trying to be lightweight if […]

Successful Lightweight rowing body types

By Rebecca Caroe

We answered a question last month about whether to try heavyweight rowing or lightweight. This prompted us to do some research into what are the natural body types which suit lightweight rowing and sculling. We found this slide deck by Jarek Mäestu of Sportlyser who has some data on the body sizes of Olympic and […]

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters rowperfect

Top 5 Worst Ways to Get Rowing Blisters

By Laura Hollar

The Most Horrific Ways to Get Rowing Blisters Nobody escapes blisters. They are the bane of our existence, as rowers. But we row hard and proudly wear our callouses earned from sustaining blister after blister. We bleed through the pain, bandage the damage, and go on because there IS no other way! 1. When you’re a beginner. […]

Why all rowers need gloves sometimes Rowperfect

Why all rowers need gloves…. sometimes

By Rebecca Caroe

Rowing has a macho image, particularly with regard to “hardening up” and “being tough”.  This shows up mostly around walking barefoot at regattas and “patent recipes” to cure hand blisters (no, urinating on your hands does not harden the skin!). Every rower gets blisters sometimes.  Many find training camps particularly tough time because increasing training to […]

Join RowingChat: With Mark O’Donovan

By Jeremy Peskey

Rowperfect are fortunate enough to have the privilege of speaking with Irish rower, Mark O’Donovan on May 11, @ 7:30pm GMT. Mark represents Ireland in the LM4- and works as a strength and conditioning coach for the National Team. Mark’s team are hoping to qualify for the Rio Olympics later this month at the European […]

Top advice for Lightweight rowing by Bill Manning

By Rebecca Caroe

Expert advice for rowers and coaches of lightweight athletes. Questions and timestamps How do I know I’m a Lightweight rower? 04.00 minutes How to coach the individual 06.00 Things to do differently with lightweights 11.00 Link to Harry Mahon’s Daily Diary Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique DVDs How to acquire coachability 14.00 Efficient weight training for […]

Heavyweight Resources for Lightweights

By Jeremy Peskey

Ahead of our next RowingChat, with Princeton Lightweights coach – Bill Manning, we thought we would share some of our excellent content for lightweights! From training tips, through to correct weight management and dietary suggestions, we’ve got it all! Here’s a quick round-up of some handy resources, specifically for lightweights, which you can find (mostly*) free on […]