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Graham Benton reviews “Ergo testing for Rowers”

Graham is a World and British Champion on the Ergo – we thought he should know a bit about doing 2k tests and so asked him if he would read and review Walter Martindale’s e-book for us. Here is what he said: Seems like a pretty good summary to me. In fact I actually learnt […]

User trial waterproof socks – can you help?

Waterproof rowing socks

Do you row in winter? Do you get wet feet and wish they were warm and dry?  Rowperfect just took delivery of some new waterproof rowing socks and we would like them tested out by our readers. Are you rowing in the Southern Hemisphere? This is the moment Rowperfect acknowledges that we favour the northern […]

Rowers Rub for Gig Rowers review


Jane Fitzsimons is a gig rower who suffers….. from blisters on the seat.  She took a pot of Rowers Rub and shared it around Cotelehe Gig Club to give it a workout. My squad and I have been trialling Rowers Rub. We really like it. We are gig rowers and suffer from blisters on our bums […]

Rowing Anorak review

Angus Groom tests the rowing anorak

Angus Groom reviewed the new Rowing Anorak and here is his feedback: First of all, I thought it was generally excellent- there are a lot of different types splash jackets out there and some work and some don’t. At first glance, it looked like it’s going to be quite thick and heavy but I was […]

Seat Racing Book review

Book review of Definitive Guide to Rowing Seat Racing – a collaboration between myself, Keith and my daughter Jasmine. Jasmine has been a school rower for the past 5 years and has fallen victim to the unfairness of one form of seat boat racing. Overall it is a well versed and a well thought out […]

Quick release rigger question

THE BUYER'S GUIDE TO: Quick Release Riggers

Lots of readers ask us questions in our Messenger chat pane.  Here we show recent answers.  A lot of them can be found in our blog post archive which goes back to 2007 – do use the search pane above to research answers yourself. Quick Release rigger clips I have a pair of clip on […]

Training Camp Venues – let’s make a big list

We know that there are great places around the world where you can go on training camp. Can the Rowperfect global community help us create a master list of places, contacts and recommendations? We’ve started creating a list with the help of Ming Zou (who added the Chinese column headings). Please review and edit and […]

Best boat booking software for rowing

Organise athletes for rowing crews

I am looking for a boat booking software for my sailing club in Felixstowe. We have 11 club boats and currently have a diary we use, Boats are booked by the half day. Andy – great question.  And the quick answer is to SEARCH using the feature at the top of every page in the […]

Coxmate Audio review from Sudbury RC

coxmate audio amplification for rowing

And here’s a review from Sudbury Rowing Club who tried the Coxmate Audio amplifier. The audio only version obviously does not have a rate meter, but we were doing a UT2 outing with 2 1500m pieces at 28 so my stroke-man had the GPS unit for that outing and I then used it in the […]

Calling for TWO testers to try the Rowers Rub!

We’ve just stocked two new products in our shop – The Original Rowers Rub and the Rowers Hand Rub. These are all-natural salves that help to moisture chaffed and chapped skin, preventing further friction from aggravating sore spots. Both are infused with essential oils such as marjoram, clove, and rosemary to provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory […]