Thank you to all our 2015 readers

By Rebecca Caroe

You guys make us the fabulous company and website and blog that we have become. Rowperfect has had a rocking 2015 and we want to thank you by showing off some of our statistics. Highlights of 2015 on Rowperfect The Blog was viewed about 310,000 times during the year Add the Rowperfect shop pages and […]

Do you scull with a friend?

By Jeremy Peskey

If you do, we have great news! For a limited time, buy two for £25 and save £5.00 (Usually £15 each!) Don’t get a sore neck turning every second stroke and don’t live in fear that you are about crash every other stroke. The Coxmate mirror solves this problem! This large mirror mounts onto the […]

Sudbury RC reviews Hyndsight Vision for scullers

By Rebecca Caroe

Sophie Brown from Sudbury RC is a TA (trunk and arms) rower and asked to review the new rear-vision camera for rowing boats, Hyndsight Vision. I haven’t use any other equipment comparable to the hindsight system that what attracted me as reading about it’s use for other adaptive rowers in the US. I’m a TA […]

Rowperfect RP3 famous users

By Rebecca Caroe

We got a question from a reader “Who are the world famous rowers and coaches using RP3?  I need to persuade my colleague coaches that this is an internationally recognised rowing machine.” Famous Rowers using Rowperfect and RP3 Mahe Drysdale NZ1x Olympic and multiple world champion Emma Twigg NZ W1x World Champion 2014 Dutch Mens […]