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Leander brings Sri Lankan Coach to UK

Leander Club to host International Rowing Coach from Sri Lanka As a curtain-raiser to its bicentenary celebrations next year Leander Club invited a coach from Sri Lanka to witness its high-performance  programme in action, learning skills that he can put to practical use in his own country, which is seeking to establish itself as a […]

British Rowing Acknowledges Rowperfect

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We are stoked that British Rowing mentioned Rowperfect in their Coaches Survey as a source of rowing education. If you’re in the UK and haven’t taken the British Rowing coaches survey, please do so today – http://britishrowing.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=f2f672f3e9155d0bb90468d1e&id=a107da3e56&e=b8c6b9cf48 And share this post to your coaching friends.

Beryl Crockford memorial medals

Chris Dodd has written a beautiful article on Hear the Boat Sing about Beryl Crockford Cast in Coin. I quote some extracts British Rowing will add a new medal to its portfolio of awards in February 2018. The Beryl Crockford Medal is the inspired idea of Beryl’s husband Duncan while coming to terms with her […]

British Rowing Clubs – attitude not action

We have had a range of responses from club leaders around the country – reporting a range of diverse local situations which have an impact on the changing headcount of club active rowers. The orginal articles here and here. From the North West I can draw a similarity to what could be a problem. As you […]

British Club Rowing is dying. Can we stop the rot?

15 Reasons to be Grateful by A Rowing Parent

A guest post by Richard Philips, London Rowing Club. Photo credit: odt.co.nz Whilst sitting in the sun on a training camp I have put together some thoughts about the state of the sport that, for better or worse, has become part of my life. They are my personal thoughts and do not reflect any official […]

Glide One – the birth of a great value, durable single scull

“How do we avoid spending our Friday afternoons fixing up our club singles”? That was the question that inspired rowers Paul Godsafe and James Bellis to begin the development of the GlideOne single scull. Today’s single sculls, built in exotic composite materials, offer lightness and rigidity perfect for experienced rowers. However, they are typically expensive, […]

Rowing Santa and Other Christmas Funnies

To help put you into the Christmas mood and before you begin your Christmas pudding or mulled wine, here are a few giggles to get you warmed up. Rowing Santa, we know you’d never fit into the cox’s seat! And you’d know better than to put all your biggest rowers on Port (after that whole Rudolph […]

Super Christmas Shopping Gifts for Rowers Under £30

Super Christmas Shopping Gifts for Rowers Under 30 Rowperfect

Christmas is almost here! And the pressure is on to get the BEST presents for all the special people in your life. How much do you spend? Uncle Matt will love that Christmas moose mug. And Mum is going to adore those pair of gold star earrings you picked out. What about little sister Anna […]

Rowing Club sponsorship offer

Rowperfect has been supporting rowing clubs for years with our Sponsored Clubs programme.   This is your chance to get your club onto the list – read on… What is the Rowing Club Sponsorship Programme? Rowing clubs need education for coaches and athletes.  You also buy equipment, run regattas and teach rowing and sculling.  Rowperfect […]

Watch RowingChat with Annamarie Phelps, Chairman of British Rowing

She answers our questions about the competition structure review how to recruit volunteers shortages of umpires How the international team is funded Coaching resources for fixed seat rowing ways to improve racing for all rowers Listen to MP3 on SoundCloud or subscribe in iTunes to RowingChat.