Give a little to keep a lot. FISA are protecting rowing’s position in the Olympic Games.

By Tristan

Big changes are taking place in the world rowing with FISA recently voting for gender-equity at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. The extraordinary congress members, which also took place in Tokyo, supported FISA’s proposal to lose the lightweight (lwt) men’s 4- for future Olympic Games with the women’s heavyweight 4- coming in as […]

Resolute Adaptive rowing boat

FISA adaptive boat rules discriminate

By Rebecca Caroe

Michael W. Joukowsky the Founder/Owner Resolute Racing Shells & Resolute Adaptive writes As you know, for the past 5 years, I have been advocating that the FISA adaptive boat rules are discriminatory, harmful in growing the sport and damaging to individuals. [They only allow one boat design / manufacturer in FISA events.] FISA did accept […]

Peter Cipollone Olympic Coxswain

Coxing the Cipollone Way to Olympic Gold

By Rebecca Caroe

This is a superb motivational video with detail about how a coxswain and crew can overcome big setbacks and adjust their race plan during the race. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to cox an Olympic final – Peter explains in great detail the blow by blow development of the race plan, the other […]

US Rowing Rio

Sean Colgan reflects on US Rowing changes

By Rebecca Caroe

Like many people, I read the Boys in the Box report.  However nobody is going to change the US system in the way the author recommends – we aren’t set up to create Olympians in school – we’ve established to provide kids fun in sport.  For example, many clubs use river rowing – you can’t have kids […]

Rowing at Tokyo 2020 – FISA update

By Rebecca Caroe

Fatsculler reports FISA announced the final two proposals for changes to the Olympic programme for Tokyo 2020. The delegates at the Extraordinary Congress in February 2017 will have to decide between two options: Replace the LM4- with the W4- This is the proposal from the FISA Council Replace the M4- with the LW4- This is […]

UK sport funding for rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

Also announced this week is the funding provided by UK Sport for each of the Olympic sports for the Tokyo Olympiad. The headlines make good reading for GB Rowing’s Performance Director, Sir David Tanner. Rowing once again is the best funded of all the Olympic sports receiving a total of £32,111,157 for the four year […]

6 minutes in berlin rowing book

Where the Boys in the Boat author swiped the story from

By Rebecca Caroe

In case you enjoyed reading the Boys in the Boat blockbuster about the Berlin Olympic US mens 8 crew…. take a read of this. Seems Dan Brown was second to the party but swiped the financial prize. Rowperfect contacted Michael Socolow After reading this article on Inside Higher Ed (we have highbrow tastes!) Michael told […]

The Future of Lightweight Rowing

By Rebecca Caroe

A guest post by FatSculler. Back in March I wrote an article for reviewing the FISA Conference, which actually was far more interesting than it sounds. The main thrust of the discussion was the future of Lightweight Rowing in the Olympic Games. Well, after the World Championships in Rotterdam there was another National Federations […]

My Rowing mentor in Paris or the Bush movie

By Rebecca Caroe

I see you have “Paris or the Bush’ rowing movie for sale writes ‘Bub’ Jarvis ‘3’ in the COD’S crew was a relation to me. He was instrumental in coaching and mentoring me while I was a school boy rower at Murray Bridge. His wisdom was passed onto me till his death. His rowing knowledge was […]