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Leaping Fish The Original Rowers Rub Skin Balm



Rowers Rub includes essential oils of Clove and Cajeput to sooth and provide antibacterial properties, helping to reduce the recovery time of chafed skin. This puts a thin layer of natural waxes and oils over your skin to protect it from further friction.

Suitable for both men and women, this product can be applied wherever you experience chafing. For hand-specific issues, we recommend our Rowers Hand Rub.

Ingredients include Brassica Campestris Oil, Soya Wax, Cocoa butter, Vegetable Glycerine, Zea mays, vitamin E and essential oils of Clove Bud and Cajeput.

Rowers Rub is effective because the natural waxes allow the skin to breathe, but the salts and other by-products of sweating can’t come into contact with the skin and cause further irritation, and the fine layer helps fabric to move easily over the skin. The clove essential oil not only smells great, but the antibacterial qualities help keep skin clean when rowing on river or still water, and to recover after being subjected to stresses. Although it can be applied after exercise, application before will reduce the risk of serious sores which can interfere with training and competing. Rowers Rub simply washes off in warm soapy water.

Leaping Fish’s Rubs are balms, not creams or lotions as these by definition contain water, so the Rubs are made just from plant waxes (some contain beeswax) and essential oils, and our intention was to make them as simple as possible and chemical and Paraben-free (Parabens are commonly used as stabilisers and preservatives and some studies have suggested a link with cancers). Their simplicity makes them hypoallergenic and are concentrated so a little goes a long way, making them cost effective – prevention is better than cure, and so every rower should have some in their kit bag.

Always test on a small area of skin before general use. Avoid contamination with water which can cause the balm to deteriorate. Store in a cool place.

Weight 110 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 cm

100mg, 60mg

5 reviews for Leaping Fish The Original Rowers Rub Skin Balm

  1. Isaac Kenyon

    I used this to break the world record for the longest ergometer row! Incredible for protecting my body from chaffing that I would definitely get. I never experienced any chaffing because of this product and would highly recommend as it does it’s job well!

  2. Benjamin Ajayi-Obe

    I used rowers rub during my attempt to break the record for the longest time spent rowing continuously on an indoor rowing machine. I managed to go 100 hours without any blisters and I believe this is partially thanks to this moisturising ointment. On opening the tub it has quite a pleasant smell. Also, only a small amount of the rub is enough to cover a very large area, so I believe that one tub will last you a long time. I applied the rub before my rowing shifts to area that I felt were becoming sore and the difference was fairly immediate. Definitely a very effective product.

  3. Jack Hopkins

    Was originally using vaseline to stop rubbing, but that was sticky and got everywhere. This stuff is really effective (especially for nipples etc) when doing ultra-distance…

  4. Lucy Pitts

    I’ve suffered from ‘gig-arse’ for years. I tried every combination of fabric and clothing, double layer, double cushion, different cushions, no pants, Vaseline, compede blister pads; but nothing really stopped that take-your-breath-away pain in the post-row shower. This stuff is quite simply BRILLIANT. I haven’t had soreness since – even for the WPGC. Top tip: if the pot gets warm the balm goes on thinner so you may need to re-apply or use more. Also, THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Lucy – this is brilliant feedback. thank you. Now can you help us? Where can we tell more gig rowers about it?

  5. Nicole smith

    Rebecca, approach the rowing clubs if you want to tell more rowers about this product. I haven’t tried it but am definitely suffering. Thanks for the info, I can review at the moment. I row for Weymouth rowing club.

    • Rebecca Caroe

      Thanks so much Nicole. I hope you get great results from Rowers Rub.

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