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Harry Mahon’s Rowing Technique Volume 1

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British Rowing has given Rowperfect UK permission to digitize and sell a recording of Harry Mahon talking at the 1994 ARA Coaches Conference.

The 2 hour 45 minute tape records two sessions in which he sets out his rowing technique principles and then shows videos of athletes and crews he coached illustrating its application in practice.

This DVD set is a digitization of that original video tape. Its quality, therefore, reflects the loss of fidelity from the time since the original was made and the VHS magnetic tape recording.

Peter Mallory, author of Rowing History says “Harry Mahon was a special coach for unspecial reasons. He had an acute sense of watermanship, not quite unique, but Harry had the patience and persistence to somehow penetrate the brains of others and teach it.”


This is a PAL recording, please check your regions system before purchasing

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