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Coastal Rowing Vacation in France

Have you thought about coastal rowing lately? We have posted about coastal rowing a few times and received … read more

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Have you thought about coastal rowing lately?

We have posted about coastal rowing a few times and received very positive feedback. This type of rowing get very popular, FISA likes it (see World Champs in Canada) and our audience likes it. Coastal and offshore rowing is a type of rowing performed at sea. Due to the harsher conditions encountered, the boats are wider and more robust than those used on rivers and lakes. In North America, this sport is often called Open Water Rowing.

Todays post is about coastal rowing for beginners and rowers who have not done this before so much:

There is an area in France -the bay of Arcachon which provides great possibilities for coastal rowing.

You will row mainly in a bay. Protected against heavy storms and extreme waives. Rowing in a bay is still very exciting. You feel the wind and the wave and sometimes harsh condition….

Rowing the Bay of Arcachon

Rowperfect and Rowing and Europe are offering a 4 day rowing vacation in France.

Arcachon Bay (in French, the Bassin d’Arcachon, and known locally simply as “le Bassin”) is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France, situated between the Côte d’Argent and the Côte des Landes, in the region of Aquitaine. The bay covers an area of 150 km² at high tide and 40 km² at low tide. Some of its geological features are natural preservation areas. Day one will be the day where we start off easy. The crews will row 3-4 hrs to an Oyster Farm or an oyster breeder, leave the boad there and enjoy the local seafood.

The general shape of the Bassin d’Arcachon is that of an equilateral triangle pointing north, the southwest corner of which is open to the sea, between Cap Ferret and the town of Arcachon (more specifically, its suburb Pyla-sur-Mer), through a 3 km narrow channel (Les Passes). Just south of the entrance is the Great Dune of Pyla, the place where we are heading too on the second day.

On day 3 we will be circling arounf the “birds Island”. Nearly in the middle of the bay is a very particular island: L’île aux Oiseaux (Isle of the Birds). Every year there are rowing races around this island and if we get lucky we can participate in the race or do the trip on our own.

How can you sign up or get more information? Check with us: You can also visit ourshop and check out tour and dates.

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