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Fitness Parcour für Zuhause.

Schaut Euch das mal an. Ein Fitness Parcour für Zuhause. (Nachahmung nicht empfohlen)

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Schaut Euch das mal an. Ein Fitness Parcour für Zuhause. (Nachahmung nicht empfohlen)

Es gibt keine einfache Möglichkeit, dies gewählt auszudrücken. Wenn Sie ein regelmäßiger Rowperfect-Leser sind, sind Sie einfach . . . klüger als die meisten Menschen, die ihr Rudern, Skullen, Steuern oder Coaching verbessern wollen.

6 thoughts on “Fitness Parcour für Zuhause.

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the update. I feel very positive about the many improvements of the design. Moving the fan close to the slide will reduce vibration and tendency to shudder when using firm pressure. Styling looks great and all metal foot plates much slicker, though the previous plywood ones were nice too. If the price in Europe can be kept similar to the C2 Model D it will do well. Don’t be in a rush to bring to market if there’s more work on styling you want to follow up. I know I buy on looks.

    Very best wishes
    Terry, NSRC, Staffs, England.

  2. Richard

    The feedback was generally positive at the HOCR. A couple of design suggestions about the hook for the handle were received.
    The effective slide length is LONGER than the original. By limiting the seat movement to 50cm this leaves 150cms of movement for the flywheel down the slide. In the old version, if the seat came further than 50 cm from the back leg (which it frequently did) this reduced the available length correspondingly. It mostly showed up with very tall athletes (over 2 meters) where the room for seat position variation was reduced.

    Thanks for your continued interest in Rowperfect.


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