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Focus on the catch

Placing the blade before you push.  Possibly the hardest thing to do in rowing. Here’s a round-up of … read more

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Placing the blade before you push.  Possibly the hardest thing to do in rowing.The Rowing Stroke Cycle ebook cover

Here’s a round-up of expert insight from the Rowperfect blog archive to help you out.

Firstly – what is the catch? Duncan Holland explains in his rowing stroke cycle series – Catch.  From that link you can get to all 6 of the other articles.

Now let’s look at the different ways people teach their crews.  Firstly Howard Aiken talks generally about Coaching the Catch in Rowing with great diagrams and from expert coach, Walter Martindale – Why I coach the catch the way I do.

Now let’s look at some of the physical challenges faced by rowers – starting with slumping and posture.  Keeping an upright frame and avoiding slumping at the catch can be overcome.  And here are solutions for those of us who feel their flexibility challenges make full compression at the catch too hard to achieve.

 width=Now for some of the familiar crew issues – rushing the catch in rowing and teaching relaxation at the catch in sculling. Getting the catch angle correct for crew set-up and the paradox of quick catches.

Drills and exercises for the catch – 3 ways to improve your catch timing  and Drills for improving bladework ebook by Marlene Royle and the Rowing Stroke Cycle ebook.

Race well at the Fours Head this weekend – get your Tideway Steering Guide from Rowperfect.

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