How popular is the Rowperfect UK website?

We don’t often blow our own trumpet… but we had to send out information to a sponsor about our website in comparison to others and I thought, Darn It!  I’m going to publish.

So what follows is the Alexa Rank for popular rowing websites.

Alexa creates a ranking for every site in the world – the most popular site is number 1 and so the bigger the number, the less visited the site is.

Rowing Websites of the World by rank

The first number is the global rank and the second is the local country rank (where measured) 73,100 [USA rank 11,041]

World Rowing 88.525 [USA rank 42,255]

British Rowing 247,181 [UK Rank 10,520]

Rowperfect UK 474,984 [UK Rank 54, 863]

Concept2 UK 503,810 [UK Rank 22,903]

Junior Rowing News 3,720,563 [UK Rank 146,282]


How about that?  Fourth in the world….. Thanks to all of you who visit regularly and read our blog news, buy from our shop.  You Rock.


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