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Monthly Prize Draw September 2018

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (September) we have this prize:  Caryn Davies our interviewee on RowingChat this month is offering  a free one-on-one Coaching session with her. Please go to her website and join her newsletter list to enter: […]

Poor quality TV coverage at World Champs

World Rowing TV coverage

Did anyone else notice the really bad quality TV shots at the World Rowing Championships from Plovdiv, Bulgaria last weekend? Here’s an example from me watching on my laptop.  The speed data graphic overlay is obscuring the bow balls so in this close race, you can’t see who is in front. #frustrating This wasn’t the […]

13 Tips for Racing at FISA Masters in the heat

FISA Masters 2018 logo

The Masters Rowing International group on Facebook has a great discussion thread about how to cope with Florida heat if you are coming to Nathan Benderson Park for the FISA Masters Regatta on September 27-30 2018. 13 Recommendations for rowing (and surviving) in the heat Consider drinking about 20 oz water before coming to venue […]

Crossing the Line Sport Webinars October 2018

Athlete retirement and wellbeing,

An athlete/player’s intense training and competing schedule leaves little time for education and personal development. Crossing the Line (experts in supporting athletes) have responded to this need by developing a unique series of webinars that are available live and on-demand to cater to their various schedules and time zones. The team hosts two webinars per […]

Prygl Rowing Camps for rowing technique

Aerial map , rowing camp, Prygl Lake

Are you a Masters rower who wants to boost his technique under the guidance of world class coaches? Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with rowing data analysis tools? Are you looking for a different rowing camp? Are you interested in combining a week of rowing with a city trip to Vienna, Prague, or […]

Happy New Rowing Year

New year 2018, Rowing year 2018

Hey every Northern Hemisphere reader – it’s the start of the 2018-19 rowing season.  Summer break is over.  School and work are kickstarting for the autumn. Get back into rowing shape Hopefully your summer break was fun, relaxing and didn’t include lots of training.  But we all know that autumn training means long distances and […]

Rowing wrist injuries

rowing injury, tendonitis rowing, sculling wrist injury

Getting injured sucks and more importantly, most rowing injuries are “over-use” types.  Which means they develop slowly over time and are hard to overcome because when you come back to training, the possibility of recurrence is high. Rules for Rowing Injuries Always get treatment FAST Rest and ice is not treatment (until after you do […]

Rowing in Lithuania

Rima Karaliene is a woman inspired.  Her Father rowed for Lithuania during the Communist times and she has written a book about his story called “Rowing though the Barbed Wire fence”. The USSR was a composite country of Soviet Socialist Republics – Lithuania was not an independent nation.  The national rowing federation favoured athletes from […]

Elbow position at the finish in sculling

rowing technique, sculling technique, rowing finish posture,

Hey there Rebecca , hope you are doing well, I really enjoy your rowing articles in “ rowperfect “ …I’m rowing about 25 miles a week now and I believe my technique is getting much better….however in all the posts I’ve read I have not come across intel on where to properly position your elbows […]

Coxing a para rowing crew

Renae Domaschenz, Coxswain Rowing Australia, Para Rowing

Steer Like a Boss – Para Vs Able-bodied Many people have asked me about the challenges of coxing a para crew compared to my experience of able-bodied crews. Is it different? Do you have to change the way you cox? I can tell you that my experience of coxing a para crew is fundamentally the […]