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Coaching your coxswain – yes, you CAN

Bad coxing starts with poor coaching. Improved coxing comes from an understanding of the best way to instruct. Few coaches have been coxswains and so take a quick educational guide from a Coxswain, Chelsea Dommert, who found that she was frustrated by the un-clear instructions she got from her coach.  So she wrote the book […]

Choosing a Single Scull for Masters Rowers

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I’m looking to buy a single scull for myself, are you able to advise? I’m an intermediate masters rower, with about 6 years experience in rowing. I row in pretty harsh conditions, tidal salt water with high chances of grounding at times and will be stored outside in a cover. I compete occasionally, and am […]

Athletes’ Top Equipment – ROWTEX Rowing Gloves

Rowtex rowing gloves

Faster and better performance on the water can be achieved firstly and most importantly by continuous training. Optimal equipment can be very decisive during hours of hard work out. Martin and Tobias from ROWTEX were former elite rowers in the Austrian Rowing Team. Each year they had to row thousands of kilometers to make it […]

How to Choose a Rowing Club

I have been coaching a young athlete who has ambitions to row at the Olympics – one of the things we discussed was how to choose the right rowing club for her. Setbacks and Red Herrings First, I was very frustrated by being asked for advice (which club to join) only to find that many […]

Coaching a Crew – Seven Bricks of Wisdom

The 7 Bricks of Rowing Coaching Wisdom

A guest post by Bob Greatorex: Little can be added to the extensive literature available on training technics and rowing coaching wisdom. So I will address areas less often discussed. Analogies are useful and I advise crews to break challenges down into component parts. I call it the ‘Brick Wall Analogy’. Lay one brick at […]

A Sock for all Rowing Seasons

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Is choosing a rowing sock the ultimate geek’s paradise for fantasy shopping?  We decided to find out by running through the full list of different socks currently on the Rowperfect store. Start with the All-Rounder Rowing Sock If you choose one sock for year-round rowing – this is the one: Ultra Light Rowing Socks. It […]

Rowing Seat Pad Helps Back Pain on Ergo

Seat pad help back pain on ergo

Stuart Harrison has done a comprehensive review of the ProW Rowing seat pad that helps to relieve back pain on an ergo. I came across the Citius-Remex ProW seat pads on the internet and went ‘holy cr*p batman’. They are not cheap, a brilliant idea though. But then there are two of them – which […]

What to Wear for Rowing

What should you wear for rowing?

  Nowadays, rowing seems to be one of the nation’s favorite sports. People really love it and since the Rio Olympics interest has just increased. Trouble is – most folks have never tried rowing. If you think you might love rowing, make sure that your clothing is suitable. But what to wear for rowing? It’s absolutely […]

How to Get Leg Power as a Novice

Junior girls sculling a double - doing drills

Really helpful article to read on Grip. I’m a beginner and struggling to feel the connection at the start of the drive with my legs, meaning my arms do all the work rather than my legs. This leaves me exhausted after 30 minutes or so. I also find I struggle to tap down at the […]

3 Steps to a Sparkling Clean Hull

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Here’s a great question from one of my readers. She asked about steps to keep her rowing shell hull sparkling clean: We have a 1 year old Vespoli light 8, painted white. It’s shell was pristine until our last race, when the boats were parked on the trailer underneath an oak tree. It rained heavily […]