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Top 3 stretches in rowing

Crouch adductor stretch for rowers

I get asked a lot of questions on Quora – here’s the most recent What are the 3 most important stretches for rowing? I think this is not the right question to ask.  Because everyone has a different body and differing flexibility.  I would reverse the question and ask whether you can achieve the body […]

Advert showcasing Meghan O’Leary

Meghan O'Leary US rowing in the Lincoln car commercial

Sometimes those big dollar advertising commercials showcase rowing in a fantastic light alongside commercial products. Lincoln Cars just shot a special advert shot at Vancouver Rowing Club and featuring US Rower Meghan O’Leary in a single scull – she races the car service technician back to the dock where he hands her back the keys to […]

I want a cheap rearview video for my single

A reader writes…. I recently fitted my phone (Samsung S4) to the footplate in my single, with a USB webcam connected via an OTG (On the go) cable mounted on the bows. The intention was to eliminate the requirement to look round, as I don’t find that as easy as I used to.  (I know […]

Rowing Anorak review

Angus Groom tests the rowing anorak

Angus Groom reviewed the new Rowing Anorak and here is his feedback: First of all, I thought it was generally excellent- there are a lot of different types splash jackets out there and some work and some don’t. At first glance, it looked like it’s going to be quite thick and heavy but I was […]

Monthly Prize Draw May 2018

Each month subscribers to the Rowperfect newsletter are included in a free prize draw to win one of our products. This month (May) we have this prize:  One month free club subscription to the iCrew club management software. The designer and a prominent user of iCrew were my guests on RowingChat this month – listen in […]

G-Clip Rowing shoe system

G Clip rowing shoes in rowing boat

The G-CLIP rowing shoe system has been in development for two years working toward a competitive, affordable and form-fitting shoe cleat system for the rowing world.   We have trialed in many clubs and have worked with two kinesiology professors in determining the competitive advantage to a quicker heel engagement with the foot board, which […]

Seat Racing Book review

Book review of Definitive Guide to Rowing Seat Racing – a collaboration between myself, Keith and my daughter Jasmine. Jasmine has been a school rower for the past 5 years and has fallen victim to the unfairness of one form of seat boat racing. Overall it is a well versed and a well thought out […]

Announcing the WiggleFish Rowing Dry Bag

When we go rowing, we sometimes get wet.  It seems it’s time for a really good rowing dry bag – and we’ve found one for you which was developed for swimming in fast flowing rivers. The WiggleFish was designed by a swimmer This products are used by River Rhine swimmers who get into the river […]

FISA racing lane rule change

World Rowing Athletes Commission on Facebook

The rules of rowing racing can seem fixed to many competitors in domestic competition but at the international level they get discussed with opportunities for change put forward by the athletes.  We spotted this update from the FISA Athletes Commission group – these are volunteers who jointly represent the athlete body to the World Rowing […]