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How to use pitch gauges to measure boat rigging

Over the next days we publish articles on the two pitch gauges we sell. Today, we show you how to use the Casper Rekers designed pitch gauge for sweep and sculling riggers. How to measure for fore/aft pitch on an oarlock Open the two triangles until they intersect over the 0 (zero) degrees mark Hold […]

Feet out: rowing strapped in or strapless on your Erg?

Strapped in or strapless? Read about an interesting experience of Howard Aiken who explains the benefits of a strapless foot stretcher while beein on your erg. According Aikens view  which he expressed here, the foot-straps on every ergo meter are there for the athlete’s safety and any coach who feels that he or she would be […]

What Makes the Great Ones Great? Part 1: Confidence

How can we define confidence? What separates it from arrogance? Where are the lines blurred between positive and negative personality traits? Arrogance, or cockiness, in an athlete and in the sporting world more generally, is most often viewed as a negative trait. However, the very qualities that can result in arrogance clearly help to make […]

David Hudson in Memoriam

David Paul Hudson, Rower

Many Rowperfect blog readers will already know David Hudson – he was the friendly voice on the Rowperfect phone and the responder to our email enquiries for four years until 2017. David passed on 9th December.  His daughter, Jane, is fund raising for the Rowing Foundation in lieu of flowers in his memory. Donate to […]

Why we don’t row in lightning storms

Did you know that it’s dangerous to row during a thunder storm? We read a great discussion about it with this awesome photo. Helpful advice about what to do if you’re on water and a lightning storm starts. When thunderstorms are nearby, there are three main factors determining what gets struck, the objects: 1) height […]

Oliver Zeidler on RowingChat

Oliver Zeidler, rowing chat, German rowing, Rowing World, Deutschland Rudern,

Oliver Zeidler is the sculling phenomenon racing for Germany as their single sculler, in his second year after learning to row!   Timestamps to the show 0:00 Introductions and background in rowing 2:00 The semi final at the World Championships 2018 5:00 I come from a family of rowers going back to my grandfather 9:00 […]

Why all rowers need gloves…. sometimes

Why all rowers need gloves sometimes Rowperfect

Rowing has a macho image, particularly with regard to “hardening up” and “being tough”.  This shows up mostly around walking barefoot at regattas and “patent recipes” to cure hand blisters (no, urinating on your hands does not harden the skin!). Every rower gets blisters sometimes.  Many find training camps particularly tough time because increasing training to […]

How to write a Strategy for Rowing Clubs Part 1

It’s nearly time for the quiet “off season” for many northern hemisphere rowing clubs. Use this time to reflect on how you want your club to be organised and run for next season. Rowperfect met John Parker who is former Chief Executive of Sport Waikato, New Zealand and asked him How should Clubs write a […]