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Faster Masters Episode 3 – Drills For Improving Bladework

Episode 3 of the Faster Masters Suite teaches you numerous drills, each designed to perfect a single element of the stroke cycle. Marlene Royle covers how to select the appropriate blade work drill for your workout, rest period, or regular rowing. Learn how to steadily increase difficulty on each drill to finely hone your blade work.

The Episode includes a 39 minute video, the complete transcript of the video and an additional document (“12 Drills to Improve Bladework”) that takes you step-by-step through each drill.

Preview topics from the episode:

  • Benefits of videotaping your progress
  • Backing as a means to learn good blade and oar handling
  • Two styles of river turns: simultaneous and alternate strokes turning
  • Stationary stability or ‘King of the Mountain’ drill
  • Delayed feather drill
  • A fun, challenging pause drill
  • Open fingers on the recovery drill
  • A twist on a catch drill
  • Square blade rowing drill

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