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With another FREE RowingChat coming up, there’s no excuse to miss Ben Hunt-Davis talking about how he achieved his Olympic Gold

Ben Hunt-Davis - interviewee on RowingChat
Ben Hunt-Davis – interviewee on RowingChat

Medal and then translated his athletic lessons into business success. With his inspiring book Will it make the boat go faster? he’s dedicated his life to helping others achieve their dream. Get your questions in when you sign up to this free event and Ben will be ready to answer them on the 23rd of May.

To join us for this RowingChat go to the following link and grab your ticket HERE.

We’re excited to continue bringing world class rowers and coaches to you so make the most of it. Get your questions in and get talking. For some, it has been the chance of a lifetime.

Questions our guests have already asked Ben:

  • “If you could go back to pre 2000, what one thing would you change and do differently, and is there anything post Olympics that you would do differently?”
    – Mark
  • “Did you ever have trouble with motivation / burnout and if so what did you do to work through it?”
    – Kevin

Our chat with Carlos Dinares is still up for you to hear to so you still have a chance to experience RowingChat right now:

RowingChat: bringing you some of the best coaches and athletes from the world of rowing

RowingChat is a live and interactive online webinar where viewers get to hear interviews with some of the greatest figures in rowing while text chatting with them directly.
Ask questions straight to our guests using the text chat service during the session or send your questions in beforehand when you sign up.
Get training tips, listen to rowing stories, and start improving yourself as a rower and a rowing coach through RowingChat.

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