Tips on getting recruited to a US university for rowing

If you’ve already read How to Get a Scholarship to a US University, you should also listen to this podcast interview with Steve Gladstone, Head Coach Men’s Heavyweight Crew, Yale University. 

In this he explains how to approach the program, what to say when you are at interview and how your parents should behave (very important).

Learn from Steve Gladstone

In this particular episode, you will learn:

  • Steve and his rowers just won the 150th Harvard-Yale Regatta by an amazing 16.7 seconds.
  • How the sport of rowing differs here in the U.S. versus some of the prolific countries.
  • What type of contact Steve prefers from prospective recruits.
  • What one could expect rowing for an Ivy.
  • Steve’s take on sports psychology.

Steve’s recommendations:

Books:  Steve Fairbairn On Rowing,  The Boys in the Boat, Undaunted Courage

Quotes:  “Races/games are not won on game day or race day, it’s in the daily preparation, it happens in the days weeks and months before the contest.” ~ Jim Lemmon

Apps/Site: YouTube

How to get in touch with Steve:

Website:  Yale Heavyweight Crew



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