Why wear a row suit all?


So your shirt tails don’t get caught in your slides.

The sliding seat wheels roll up and down metal grooves (slides) and if you have a long shirt, it risks hanging down lower than the seat top and getting caught.

A unisuit (all in one, zoot suit, zootie, row suit are other names) is a shirt/shorts combined into a single garment with no waistline gap so there’s no chance it will get caught up.

If you buy one a size too small you also feel tightly squeezed in when wearing it and can show off your musculature to the opposite sex and feel sportif and look athletic. Conversely, those of us without great body tone show off all our fat rolls.

Why a rowsuits feel nice to wear.

On a Rowing machine or in a rowing boat, when fully compressed with your knees bent at the catch (start of the power phase), look how non-rowing designed sports clothing either rides down, creates a gap around your lower back or risks catching in the rolling seat.

Make your own choice of attire.

rowing shirt too long, rowing machine clothes,
This athlete is wearing a long shirt which sits low on her back and gets near to the seat. Photo Credit: CrossfitNY
rowing machine clothing, rowing shirt, rowing shorts
Super trendy clothing is not designed for rowing – the waistline droops down exposing her lower back (if she was wearing a shirt). Photo Credit: Self.com
Wearing a row suit there is no chance of catching clothes in the slide or gaping lower back.
Wearing a row suit there is no chance of catching clothes in the slide or gaping lower back. PhotoCredit: British Rowing

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