Row Perfect with Rowing Sport Boats


Rowperfect has been appointed as the prime vendor / seller of Rowing Sport Boats in England. Historically successful racing boats like singles X19 and doubles X25 will be on the Britisch market soon. With updated and faster hulls. Everyone in the UK can row perfect in Rowing Sports Boats now.

Row Perfect with Rowing Sports Boats, made in Avignon, FR.

The French boat builder Rowing Sport Boats  (RS Boats) – led by Cedric, Son of the founder of  the ex french Coastal Boat builder in Avignon – has great experience in building boats for decades. He is a specialist in the design, development and construction of rowing boats and coastal rowing boats. Many of his boats were used by world champions.  Want to test a boat? Mail us: 

Row perfect with Rowing Sports Boats

The Coastal Rowing Boats from RS are a synonym for innovation and safety, as well as dynamic and speed. Fast and agile rowing boats are due to their construction basically unsinkable. With their specially designed hull they can easily surf on waves or even cross waves. The stern is open, so entered water can just flow out of the boat. Father and son were pioneers when they started building the boats. Cedric constantly improved the boats and made them faster and more stable. RS Boats are suited for all kinds of rowers – From beginners, to amateur-athletes and ambitioned, competitive athletes.

Rowing Sport Boats
Newer, faster design. From Coastal Solo to Coastal Quad

RS Boats: Coastal Rowing Line – unbeaten price performance ratio

There are different series of RS Boats: YOLE-SERIES, RS-X-SERIES and X-LIGHT. All boats are built with glass-fiber by default. They can be built with carbon by request. YOLE and X-SERIES are available as 1x, 2x, 4x with cox. NB: The x-light / X16 is not a typical Coastal Racing Boat  More info about RS-Boats: here:     Call Gary or Tom with our whatsapp button for more information

Available in UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Pictures by:, Igor Meijer/World Rowing


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