The Ultimate guide to teaching the rowing stroke

We published a series of blog posts about the stroke cycle to help you explain why we row like this and how to find out for yourself the most efficient methods of moving your body to drive a boat forward.

Summary of the full stroke cycle article series.

  1. Stroke Cycle Refresher course summary
  2. Grip in rowing – how to hold the oar handle correctly
  3. Posture in rowing – how to sit correctly and body poise
  4. The Catch in rowing – placing the oar into the water
  5. The Drive in rowing – powering the oar through the water
  6. The Finish in rowing – ending the stroke and getting the oar out of the water without crabbing
  7. The Recovery in rowing – how to return to the oar placement without disrupting the flow of the boat

Teaching Rowing Technique Summary

The texts above written by expert coaches Duncan Holland and Raf Wyatt’s illustrations are summarised in this great ebook.  Duncan gives a complete presentation of the full stroke cycle including a video in this earlier article, How I teach good rowing.

Download your copy of the summary document Duncan Hollands rowing stroke description



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