Strength Coach Roundtable Recap: Episode 2

In this episode of the Strength Coach Roundtable, we talked all about strength training for rowing performance.

Will Ruth: Twitter, Facebook,

You know him from: “Rowing Stronger,” “5 Lifts to Make You a Better Rower

Blake Gourley: Twitter, Facebook,

You know him from: “Deadlifting for Rowers,” “Injury Prevention for Rowers

Joe Deleo: Twitter,

You know him from: “Low Back Pain in Rowers

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1:59 — Top Lifts for Rowing Performance

What do you do when an athlete is significantly stronger on one side than the other?

Should athletes overhead press?

Deadlifting for Rowers

Turkish Getup

Kettlebell Swing

Elevated Deadlift

Front Squat

Pendlay Row

Overhead Press

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

21:35 — Carryover from the Gym to the Erg/Water

What coaching cues to use in the gym to draw the connection to rowing?

Block Periodization for Rowing

Periodization: Better Training, Better Performance

37:10 — Balancing Different Types of Lifting

Should rowers Olympic lift?

How complex is too complex for bodyweight lifting?

Strength & Conditioning Practices in Rowing

Effects of Kettlebell Training on Aerobic Capacity

Peak Power Training for Rowing

If you have a question about strength training for performance, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us individually. Our next podcast will be in early June and will focus on strength training for rowing injury prevention.