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5 Exercises to Make You a Better Rower, Part 1

It is my philosophy that the weight-room is for building strength and health, not for high-rep light-weight “endurance” circuits or overly specific sports training. I recommend that rowers stick to the water, the erg, or the bicycle to develop endurance that will actually carry over to rowing, and leave the 20+ rep circuits out of […]

New Website:

Hello, Rowperfect readers! Will Ruth aka “Strength Coach Will” here from, the Rowperfect e-book, “Rowing Stronger: Strength Training to Maximize Your Rowing Performance,” guest blogs here, and the Strength Coach Roundtable podcast on the Rowing Chat Network. I’m writing to let you all know that I’ve moved all of my rowing content to my […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #6: Deadlifting for Rowers

We changed up the format a bit for this episode and spent the whole time just talking about one lift. We could make an argument that the best lift is the deadlift for rowing. The deadlift has a ton of carryover to rowing, for performance, reinforcing technical cues and coaching, and long-term back health. In […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #5: Performance Psych for Rowing

strength coach roundtable

The Strength Coach Roundtable hosted a monster of a podcast about performance psych for rowing as we went nearly 90 minutes straight and all felt like we still had more to talk about. Will, Blake, and Joe were joined by guest Sara Hendershot for a discussion of performance psychology in rowing and how you can use […]

Strength Coach Roundtable: Performance Psychology for Rowers

Next week, the Strength Coach Roundtable returns to Rowing Chat to discuss the psychology of performance for rowing. We will be joined by Sara Lombardi Hendershot, recent Rowing Chat guest, former Olympic rower, and current coach/trainer/founder at Rowfficient, to hear from an actual elite athlete’s experiences as well as how she works with her clients […]

Strength Coach Roundtable #4: Recovery

 We really jammed a lot into this episode to talk about recovery for rowing as well as strength training. You’ll learn all about active and passive recovery techniques, finding a recovery protocol that works for you, and of course WHY recovery is so vital to both short and long-term improvement, health, and performance. You can […]

Strength Coach Roundtable Recap: #3, Injury Prevention

In this episode, we discuss strength training for the purpose of preventing rowing injuries. What can we do in the gym as rowers, coaches, and strength coaches to help athletes stay healthy? Hear it also on Soundcloud and iTunes 0:30 — A few examples of injuries we see in rowers and how strength training can help prevent […]

June 24th Strength Coach Roundtable: Injury Prevention

In the last Strength Coach Roundtable, rowing strength coaches Will Ruth, Blake Gourley, and Joe Deleo discussed strength training specific to rowing performance. You can catch up on it here if you missed it. In this month’s Roundtable, we’ll talk strength training for injury prevention. What are some common rowing injuries that strength training can […]

How to Stay Fit Away from Rowing

It’s summer time and many of us are thinking of time away from the boathouse, ergometer, and spin bike. Often, this is out of our control, such as in the case of the high school student who has a summer job that conflicts with open gym or boathouse times. Sometimes this is in our control, […]