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The Ultimate Guide for Comfort in a Rowing Boat

For everyone who’s every been frightened of tipping out, capsizing or does not feel at ease in a … read more

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For everyone who’s every been frightened of tipping out, capsizing or does not feel at ease in a rowing boat – this new book is for you and your coach.  If you’ve ever watched a really skilled oarsman or woman work their craft, you will realise that they all have one common skill and that is Ease In A Boat.  They are comfortable, happy to be at the catch or finish, tension is eliminated.  Fabrice Moreau in his single (messing around, it has to be said) is a master of his art.

The most skilful crews row as if they are ‘at one’ with the boat.  Acquiring this skill will help to make your crew go faster because there’s less tension in the athletes.  Tension slows boats.

How can you learn to be at ease?  How can you coach athletes to become comfortable?

Our latest eBook is written by Troy Howell, Managing Director at the famous Craftsbury Sculling Center. The eBook “Achieving Ease and Comfort in the boat – a guide for Coaches and Athletes” will guide you through different drills to help you gain confidence and make you feel comfortable in your boat.

Drills and skills teach Ease

Get inspired by the drills and skills Troy explains in the eBook and find your own way of getting comfortable in your boat. Read about the different drills and try them out! You might find some of them easy while others might be more of a challenge.

Get the eBook for free until 20/04/16

The eBook is launching today and we have a special offer for you. Download the eBook for free by using the coupon code “craftsbury” when you check0ut. Offer ends on April 20th, 2016 so get it now!

The ultimate guide to confidence in a Rowing Boat

“It is easy to get the impression that if we could just get a big enough engine and precise enough movements from a series of joints and lever arms, all problems would disappear. And yet we know better than to think that this is all there is – it wasn’t such things that brought most of us to the sport, after all; it was more visceral things – things that are felt rather than measured.”

Drills explained in this eBook:

  • “Hi Mom!”
  • “Tapping drills”
  • “Around the pin”
  • “Star Wars drill”
  • “One-legged sculling”
  • … and 4 more expert exercises to try!

Troy runs the Craftsbury Sculling Center and is a renown coach for scullers.  His expertise has helped athletes step up to US Rowing team representation as well as gain confidence in a rowing boat.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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