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Anna Railton’s blogging life started when Rowperfect asked her to review our Yoga for Rowers book. She was commissioned to write four weekly blog posts about her progress with stretching and flexibility during the off season. What she (and we) found was that her ‘digressions’ from the topic rapidly became as amusing as the facts about her flexibility, and thus “Something about Rowing” the blog was born.

Cartoons and observations about rowing life

Anna added stick-figure cartoons to her writing and then started putting the best onto mugs and t shirts – see our Friday Tees on Sept 30th with Anna’s “I always Win” ergo shirt design.

Here’s a small selection of her work including an inspired pumpkin cut-out and her new toy duck – she’s clearly training him for great things.

Rowing Mugs

If you need Christmas present inspiration, may we recommend her mugs (Bicycle Jousting, GDBO etc) and don’t forget to read the ‘epic flow chart’ describing how to buy them 7.00 each.

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