Weekly Rowing Poem: Old Bob Had Always Been a Rower

Weekly rowing poem from a Rowperfect reader – Kevin Pyne.  Lyrical, ironic, comedic, and definitely worth the read!

Old Bob had always been
A rower
When he keeled over
And died outside the rowing
Club quite suddenly
And unexpectedly
But before his sprite could
Leave his fine tall kindly
Old body those there will
Swear to you he was
Surrounded by a host of
Ghostly rowers who were
Waiting for him so as they
Go out rowing with
He who will one day be
The great coxswain to all
Of us out on the heavenly
Seas beyond Galilee
Now this ghostly crew
Were young and tall
As if they were Olympians
Yet even if their kit
Was from another day
I saw old Bob take-up a beautiful
Laminated wooden oar
That one of them had
Proffered to him
That looked like an oar
From those old faded pictures
Of crews that adorn
The clubhouse walls
In every rowing club always
Before walking off to
Discus with the great
Coxswain what would be
The plan of attack that day
And yet he was young
And he was fit just like
All the others
With his rowing kit being
Whiter then the purest
Form of light
But that old man who
Used to shuffled around the
Rowing club because
He so loved to was gone
Forever to where it is
That all good rowers
Put up at the finest of all
Regattas the very best of
Winning rowing fights  

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