Cheeky Rowing Tees

Even the sport of rowing is not immune to colourful fans – you know the ridiculous costumes sported by fan(atic)s who are suddenly extremely comfortable walking through the street with their undies on the outside of their pants and their face dripping with team-colour paint.

Our fans, however, are much more toned-down.  (Sigh of relief.)  We at Rowperfect decided it’s high time that someone captured the cheeky tees you see adorning contestants and fans alike at regattas.  Every Friday check out this space for a bit of rowing humour with an update on cheeky t shirts for rowers.

From a Rowperfect Reader

This week a Rowperfect reader, Mitch Hawkins from Grosverner Rowing Club, sent in his own photographed t-shirt.  Mitch says:

Here’s my effort, designed by the amazing Anna Railton of the blog “Something about Rowing”.  Little treat on the back for the guy behind in the boat – Motivational of course… 😉  I think the best t-shirt I ever saw read “Youth and Talent are no match for Age and Treachery” worn by a Vets rowing at Ironbridge Regatta.

His shirt is shown in the left and centre photograph (front and back).  The one on the right is available from our friends at Rock the Boat.

Have an outrageous rowing t-shirt?  Send us a photo and we’ll add it in a post!

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