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New rowing e-books – some are free!

Rowperfect has started to publish e-books about rowing.  We have always supported excellence in rowing and sculling technique … read more

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Rowperfect has started to publish e-books about rowing.  We have always supported excellence in rowing and sculling technique and coaching and we’ve found some topics where athletes and coaches have a need for information and advice.

So we approached some of the experts who read the Rowperfect news pages and asked them if we could publish their work.

Many have given us permission to use their slides, articles and short books so you can download them free of charge.  Others  are making a small charge.  Remember e-books are published as pdf files and so if you buy one copy, you can share it with your club colleagues over and over again.

New rowing book titles available in our store:

  1. British Rowing Technique slides from Rosie Mayglothling
  2. Fund raising for your club by Douglas Lumsden
  3. Handling your sculling boat by Mike Sullivan and also Sculling Safety by Mike Sullivan
  4. How to paint your oars and sculls
  5. Seat Racing by Duncan Holland
  6. Athlete testing protocols by Martin McElroy
  7. White Paper on Rowperfect by Will Hoodless
  8. Athlete Communication Series by John Parker (also Sporting Parent Communications and Coach Communications series)
  9. Peter Mallory’s history, The Sport of Rowing (which we’ve serialised)

More books are in the pipeline including another two by Jim Flood; A guide to Men’s Lightweight Rowing – how to get a 6:20 erg score in 6 months and Ben Hunt-Davis’ “Will it make the Boat Go Fast?”.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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