A history of world rowing technique and coaching

Peter Mallory is writing a history of world rowing, focusing on technique and coaching.  He is writing the chapters on Colin Porter and Jumbo Edwards at present and has written to us asking if anyone has experience of the coaching and technique used by them, would they read his draft text and comment.

 If you want a copy, please get in touch and we'll send you the pdf as well as connecting you directly with Peter Mallory.

6 thoughts on “A history of world rowing technique and coaching

  1. jose maria de marco perez says:

    hello, i am from spain. i have been a rower with my national team since 1982 (i rowed in lightweith division at WC lucern 1982 until WC Sant Catherine 1998 no stop, all the WC and two Olimpics). now i am teaching rowing at universtiy of sport in Sevilla, spain. I was looking in internet about rowing tecnique history and its evolution trhough all these years. I am interested in Peter Mallory chapters PDF to know more about these subject, thanks for your atention and sorry for my english.

  2. Taylor says:

    I am currently do a research project at my high school on the evolution of the rowing technique and how it affected the sport and i believe this would be a great resource for my research. If you could send those to me that would be great.
    Thanks Taylor

  3. Lillian Torres says:

    Hi Rebecca Caroe!
    I am doing a paper for my kinesiology class breaking down the technique of rowing. I would like to see the PDF files to also see how rowing has changed. Since, I am a rower myself I’m very curious!
    Thank you,
    Lillian Torres

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