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Hard work pays off and it’s no different with your rowing training. If you are looking to improve on the water, you need to invest in your workouts. But how do you know if you are getting the most out of your sessions?

Luckily, the latest smartphone apps do just that! We’ve scouted the iTunes and Google Play stores to bring you a roundup of what we feel are some of the best apps on the market right now.

  1. unnamed Rowing Basics

    Rowing Basics (Android iOS)

Ideal for novice rowers, seeking to learn correct technique and practice drills. The app features animations and written instructions of drills as well as terminology and equipment information.

Price $US6.21 Google Play iTunes App Store

Latest Versions: Android: 4.2 / iOS: 2.01

  1. Talos Rowing (Android) RitmoTime (iOS)

    icon175x175 RitmoTime

    download (1) Talos Rowing

By mounting your device to your boat, Talos Rowing lets you measure various useful stats, such as speed, stroke-rate, distance and more.  The app uses smartphone accelerometer and GPS sensors to acquire data.

RitmoTime features all the same capabilities as Talos Rowing, plus the ability to connect with heart rate monitoring devices.

Talos Rowing – free!                       Latest version:  Android:
RitmoTime – $US24.99.                 Latest version:  iOS: 3.0

  1. RP3 Erg Data (Android)

    rp3 RP3

Smartphone is connected to your RP3 ergometer. Choose from over 20 different data features to display, including speed, energy per stroke, distance per stroke and many more!

Free to download but requires purchasing additional equipment to operate effectively. Available here.  Has a couple of shortcomings – can’t upload a force curve and there’s no 500m average split available.

Latest version: 1.5.1

  1. CrewNerd (Android iOS)

    download CrewNerd

CrewNerd was featured on our blog a few weeks back. Read the post here.

CrewNerd combines the analytical data supplied in the other apps, with a ‘live’ feature. This allows coaches and spectators to track your performance, as it happens.

‘’Custom Course’’ feature enables you to create your own start/finish lines, which allows your sessions to be automatically timed when the app is synchronised with Google Earth.

The free, trial mode version on Android is limited to 100 strokes or 5 minute sessions but can be unlocked for $US1.99 per month. Apple users must purchase the full version at $US49.99.

Latest versions: Android: 1.7.0 / iOS: 4.53.

  1. Rowing in Motion (Android iOS)

    boot_app_1024-200x200 Rowing in Motion

Rowing in Motion, featured on our blog last week, is perhaps the most complete app available on the market right now.

The app contains all of the standard analytic features mentioned above, plus more. What sets it apart is the ability to upload and store session data. Data can be automatically synchronised alongside a video, to provide a more complete analysis of performance.

  • Individuals: App €69.99 via In App Upgrade, Analytics Free
  • Teams: App Free, Analytics from €249.99 per year, includes live telemetry.
  • iTunes: Solo / Teams
  • Google Play: Solo / Teams
  • Latest versions: Android: 3.2.1 / iOS: 3.1.1.

Note: Unfortunately due to technical issues, the Google Play store is current unavailable on desktop. Missing Android links to apps will be added when the service becomes available again.


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