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Coastal Rowing will be Olympic Discipline soon

Olympic discipline: Coastal Rowing

We are almost there. Coastal Rowing will be Olympic soon. World Rowing will send a proposal to the Olympic Committee soon, to substitute the light weight rowing disciplines with 3 Coastal Rowing races. On Oct 20th. 2020 Fisa held their World Rowing Virtual Congress. The agenda was full of topics and all proposed changes of statutes, […]

Financial Impact on Rowing Organisations

World Rowing:  “challenging” financial situation” FISA World Rowing Treasurer Gerritjan Eggenkamp, has reported lately, that the financial situation of their organisation has becoming  “more and more challenging”. Operational loss showed of CHF345,270 (£289,384/ $380,406/  €321,430) in 2019. Total income weighed in at CHF7.86 million (£6.58 million/$8.65 million/€7.31 million), against expenditure of CHF8.2 million (£6.8 million/$9.03 […]

Gender imbalance in rowing

Some weeks ago we have reported about the change of the Olympic rowing schedule and a FISA decision in 2017. The lightweight men’s four was removed from the Olympic programme in favour of the women’s four, which last appeared at the Games in Barcelona. Canada won gold; Great Britain finished eighth. This is the first […]

How to Christen Your Boat!

When did you last participate in a boat christening ceremony? I participated last weekend at a club nearby. The ceremony was embedded in a summer party with 52 persons. Place and audience were just small enough to maintain all social distancing rules. As always, this kind of ceremony is a fun way to welcome a […]

Rowing Art

Here is another story of individuals finding a way out of the Corona Crises. Crafting rowing art. Glen Colechin knew exactly what to do. He suddenly found himself with a lot of extra time and startet to sell sculptures. He told me:”I make sculptures as a living, but have always needed the push to get […]

Successful Indoor Rowing – Caroline Buckle

Participating in recovery programs in sports could be an essential step to become successful and well known. Here is a wonderful example for adaptive rowing: Caroline Buckle. I read this article written by Paul Goodwin. He describes how Caroline, a 40 year old former Army Veteran was setting a new world record in Indoor Rowing. […]

Rowing in a Wherry Boat – Tour Rowing

Rowperfect has posted about Touring Boats some time ago and we have forgotten to mention wherry boats. I am a big fan of tour rowing and loved rowing in a wherry boat. I have used wherry boats many times. In England and in the Netherlands. The Origin of Wherry Boats A wherry boat is a […]

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge – The Toughest Rowing Race in the World

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is considered the toughest rowing race in the world (Photo Credit:Talkiser) Every year there are between 20 and 40 boats from all over the world. Women and men. In 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x – About 1.5 million rowing strokes to the finish line. Preparations for 2021 There is […]

My Social Distancing Rowing Experience

COVID-19 generated many ideas how to comply with the social distancing measures. Here just two example. A disappointed ladies crew and a US Club trying to overcome the COVID-19 hurdles. Rowing While Maintaining Social Distance Maintaing social distance – it could work. Well, She came back to reality at the club house. The eight was […]