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Low intensity training sessions for high performance rowers

A few days ago our Face Book group generated this Question. 19 year old Imogen is asking for more information about UT2 training. And there is no better coach than Marlene Royle to answer this. Here is what she says. In a very personal way. Why low intensity training sessions are a must for your high performance […]

University Rowing – Free Regatta Trip to China

We know it from the UK, from the USA and from New Zealand, Universtiy rowing is a great way of competing. “The sight of foreign university crews on Chinese waters is becoming a regular feature as the sport takes hold on campuses across the nation.With more than 15 universities nestled along the shores of the […]

Coastal Rowing in the Bay of Arcachon

Have you thought about a Coastal Rowing Trip lately? We have posted about Coastal Rowing a few times and received very positive feedback. Coastal and offshore rowing is a type of rowing, performed at sea. Due to the harsher conditions encountered, the boats are wider and more robust than those used on rivers and lakes. In North America, […]

Role of the Coxswain

One of the highly debated subjects of the role of the coxswain within the crew is what is the purpose of a coxswain? We discovered this blog, talking about the coxswains’s role in a boat. Very debatable. From an outside perspective a coxswain is described as the “cheerleader within the boat.” They’re equipped with a microphone and […]

Ready for a Rowing Camp

We have indicated that from time to time we will introduce camp for rowers. Here is an interesting option Prygl Rowing Camps Are you a Masters rower who wants to boost his technique under the guidance of world class coaches? Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with rowing data tools? Are you looking for […]

Rowperfect Oar Carrier – a new kid on the dock

All dates back to my experience at the WRC in Linz. I saw the big mess of oars. At the dock, at the boats, in dirty grass. They were everywhere. The only exceptions: The Aussies. They had it organized perfectly: with  oar carriers. They were standing in the boat house, properly stored and loaded with […]

Interview: My fathers life behind the barbed wire fence – Rima Karaliene

rowing in communist Lithuania

I had the chance to talk to Rima about book. A book we have posted before and which is in our store now. Rima is a fascinating lady: She manages a Rowing Hotel, is involved in National Rowing organisations and writes books. Even books for children. Read and learn about the rowing society during the […]

Black Friday

Black Friday is Coming Up Again. This day is well know in the English Speaking World.A synonym for discount shopping. We all know Black Friday as a big shopping day after thanksgiving. Do we know where it was coming from?. We research the web and found  some good explanations: Market Crash in 1869: The first recorded […]

Rowing Sunglasses – Technology and Features

Rowing sunglasses are useful when we row. But what are the specifications for top quality rowing shades? My doubles partner has recently lost his sunglasses. With the loss, he suddenly realised how important they are for his rowing. He asked me whether I could recommend some rowing sunglasses for him. We talked about the two major […]