Book review request – How to improve your 2k score


We have released the long-awaited e-book authored by rowing coach Walter Martindale which discusses the strategies to help rowers and scullers physically prepare themselves for a 2,000 meter ergo test.  It’s an e-book and available for purchase / download in the online store for £5.

We were wondering if you would be keen to provide us with a short review about the article to help our readers get a better insight about the e-book. This article is now out on sale, but we have decided to provide you with a free copy which would be mailed to you.

An abstract has been provided for you to get better insight about the issues discussed in the article.

Today, most rowing programmes around the world use some form of rowing machine to assess the physical fitness of candidates for crews, where the industry has favoured indoor machine rowers. The author has witnessed rowing ergometer tests since starting rowing in 1980, and has seen all levels of testing from novice “Junior B” (Under 17) to international “Senior A” (national team) fitness tests. This article provides some strategies with which rowers and scullers can prepare, physically, for their best performance in a 2000 meter test using a Concept 2 indoor rowing machine. Some of the underlying physiology of the warm-up, test performance, and recovery work are also explained, almost in layman’s terms.

The tell us in the comments below, why we should pick you to do the review.


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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Rebecca Caroe

    Deal done – will contact you offline, Johan

  2. Jim Pettipher

    A timely and indeed white hot topic at the Club now that we’re into our winter training regime, across a spectrum of rowers from juniors through to masters. Currently our discussed approaches might be summarised as O’Neill vs. Dinares? Or maybe Michael Johnson vs. El Guerrouj? Or Team GB vs. Kiwi Pair. I’m sadly obsessed by this stuff. Can you tell? 🙂

  3. Jim Pettipher

    tried to reply but wouldn’t post from mobile or website 🙁

  4. Rebecca Caroe

    Jim – you’re not obsessed – this is NORMAL!

    I love your comment. I will send you the book to review if you can first explain the differences you describe above? I’m intrigued.

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