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Mental training – The Way to more Success


The moments when the team hears the starting gun until the end of the race are the toughest minutes for a rower. What can you do to make sure that all of your preparation was perfect? More success through mental training!

It is clear that you have undergone extensive physical training. But how well have you been mentally prepared for the competition? It is crucial that both athletes and coaches go through extensive mental training. And that in addition to all the physical preparations!

How do the best athletes prepare mentally?

Some athletes try to return to the state of mind they were in when they last performed at their best. Other athletes try to gain the mental upper hand by finding out as much as possible about the opposing crews. Others try to ignore other crews at all and focus solely on their technique. Each athlete has their own approach to achieve their own optimal mental state. It is therefore essential for your team to develop a strong sense of communication about the different techniques, especially if someone really needs some time for themself before a race.

How can you prepare yourself?

Keeping a journal or some sort of diary can help you to remember and keep a record of your strong performances. Try to write down all the things that you did when you won or had an optimal performance. It’s crucial to write down everything you remember that lead to a strong performance.

These could include:

  • Your warm-up routine on the land and on the water.
  • Pre-race talk with the coach/cox and teammates.
  • How long beforehand you ate and what you ate.
  • What you wore.
  • The race plan.
  • Music, if you listened to any.

It is also helpful to have completed a mental rehearsal of the race.

The technique of mentally going through your race beforehand is commonly known as “autosuggestion“. It allows you to consider different scenarios such as weather fluctuations, equipment failure, schedule changes etc. It can help maintain a peaceful state of mind, even if an emergency happens as you have already “dealt” with the consequence and solutions beforehand.

Mental training and preparation can make the difference between winning and losing before the race has even begun!

For more detailed mental training programmes for rowing, read The Mind’s Eye by Jimmy Joy.


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