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sports commentators, like others, can make mistakes while they report on races.  The satirical magazine Private Eye, created … read more

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sports commentators, like others, can make mistakes while they report on races.  The satirical magazine Private Eye, created a column called “Colemanballs” to celebrate any gaffe and named it after veteran commentator, David Coleman.  Brian Johnston is credited with probably the most famous (possibly apocryphal) cricketing comment “the bowler’s Holding the batsman’s Willey”.

So we started looking out for Rowing gaffes…. this is what the week threw up.

Tim Richardson (NZ Sky TV) on the first LM4- heat

There are A lot of little men out there.

Sebastian Franke, FISA commentator

Mahe Drysdale flying the kiwi flag on his blades

Robert Treharne-Jones, FISA commentator

The coxed pairs is the slowest of the events here at the World Rowing Championships.

Martin Cross, Sky TV UK

The water’s going a bit boppley.

Kaye Gregory, Sky TV NZ on the Lwt 8 race where Australia and Italy are neck and neck

It’s great to hear all the Australians cheering in the crowd.  Glen Sinclair sitting next to me responds “No it’s all the kiwis shouting for Italy!”

Sebastian Franke on the Mens Pairs semi final

The New Zealand crew, Hamish and Bond.

Robert Treharne-Jones on USA M4x

They can certainly improve on their last year’s ranking of 12th as there are only 10 countries in this event.

Marc Ventouillac, French Journalist to Caroline Searle (GB press officer)after M4- final

J’ai ecrit “Ils ont massacre les anglais!”

Tim Richardson (NZ Sky TV) to Kaye Gregory

It’s a blanket finish. Kaye Gregory replies Yes you could throw a blanket over it.

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One thought on “Colemanballs

  1. I got an email from Marc correcting his “Colemanball” above
    Hello Rebecca,

    Back at home, I’ve seen Rowperfect this morning.
    The exact quote to Caroline Searle was “Germain Chardin (a french rower) said: “on a massacré les Anglais”
    Personnaly, I prefer the quote of a french boxer at the end of the fifties. After his victory over a british boxer he said: “J’ai vengé Jeanne d’Arc”.
    Best regards,


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