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Organise athletes for rowing crews

I am looking for a boat booking software for my sailing club in Felixstowe. We have 11 club boats and currently have a diary we use, Boats are booked by the half day.

Andy – great question.  And the quick answer is to SEARCH using the feature at the top of every page in the Rowperfect website.  Our archive goes back to 2007 and so there’s a lot of content which may be able to answer your questions.

Organise athletes for rowing crews
Organise athletes for rowing crews

We wrote these articles about boat booking software in the past.

Scheduling athletes for rowing

Another challenge for many of us is how to organise the people for the rowing boats.  The Masters Rowing International Facebook group had a great discussion yesterday started by Sara Miller.

Hi all. Any clubs out there have a good system for getting substitute rowers to fill in crew boats when a crew member can’t row? For example, we want the rower who can’t make it for a morning row in a 4x be able to notify the whole club or a substitute list know and then rowers who can fill in for the row can respond. If any one has a simple system that works for their club please comment. We inherited a system that is causing more confusion than needed with our masters rowers and the result is boats going unfilled or rowers missing a row while we have a club full of masters who would love more chances to hop into a team boat.

The screenshot below shows some of the discussion but the net outcomes were these top picks:

Some report that a group chat gets clogged up with chatter and one user said they have an “Official” channel and a “Gossip” channel to keep lines of communication clear.

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