Rowing Hoodie

Rowing Hoodie designs by RegattaSport

I’m finding it hard to locate a rowing appropriate hoodie which isn’t very expensive. Any advice please?

Two questions – are you looking to row in this hoodie or is it for non rowing purposes to wear around the boathouse while not exercising?

You see, my very first rowing kit was a hoodie (Thanks PCBC) and it had a pouch pocket which was annoying – my thumbs caught in the opening at the finish and ripped the fabric.  And so I would not recommend rowing in them. In fact due to pocket placement on a hoodie, I would never recommend rowing in a hoodie.

And if you want the cheapest type, your best bet is to go to VistaPrint, Cafepress and print your own. The cheapest ones will be on Amazon, Ebay or AliBaba.

I really like the Square Blades hoodies, they have some nice features. They are £42 which is a little pricey, but worth it.

RegattaSport rowing hoodie designs
RegattaSport rowing hoodie designs

“OOOther companies supplying Hoodies for the rowing market:

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